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Durfi Warranty Policy

The purchase date of the mattress from Durfi website will be the start date of Durfi 10 year limited warranty. The warranty will be valid for 10 years from the date of invoice. Our warranty covers any kind of manufacturing defect in the mattress. In such a scenario, we will repair or replace the mattress. Replacement will be done with an available mattress of comparable model and size.

What’s covered under warranty?

  1. Any dent or sagging that is visible Indentation on the mattress and is of size 1 inch or more. The dent or sagging should not occur as a result of improper usage, or because of the base/foundation of bed that’s not proper.
  2. An issue with the cover of mattress, such as tear of fabric or stitches coming off, that hasn’t occurred because of improper usage.
  3. When you know which size is right for you, you can begin to shop for your new mattress. Please note: Dimension sizes are allowed ±1.27cm (±0.5in) tolerance. Finished sizes are measured from crown to crown.

What’s not covered under warranty?

  1. Any issue caused by rough usage or usual wear and tear shall not be covered under Warranty.
  2. Misuse of the mattress in any other activity apart from what it’s meant for (Sleeping, laying, or resting) will cancel the 10 years limited warranty.
  3. Any sagging or indent not deeper than 1 inch is not covered under warranty. Stainings, tearings, burns, discoloration, or any cosmetic issue happening over time or because of customer negligence shall not be covered under warranty.
  4. If a customers’ personal preference or point of view regarding how soft, firm, or other properties of a mattress is not matching with the product, warranty will not cover that.
  5. Mattress bought from authorized Durfi.com seller only are covered under warranty. A purchase from the non-authorized seller, a gifted mattress, resold mattress, or a mattress that is not in possession of original owner are not eligible for Durfi limited warranty.
  6. In case of sensitivity or allergy issues to the materials/fabric used, as well as physical damage done by the customer, the warranty cannot be used.
  7. Mattress damaged by children/animals or rodents are not covered. Natural scent arising from cotton, foam, or other mattress material is also not subject to warranty coverage.
  8. There’s a slight increment in the softness of foam over time, which does not affect the pressure relief provided by a mattress. This is not covered under warranty.


To clean mattress, use a clean and soft damp fabric to wipe with circular hand motion.

Do not place the mattress on an uneven base. Doing so will lead the mattress to sag and will not give sufficient support to the body.

It is not recommended to place the mattress in standing position, roll, bend, or compress it. Doing so can damage the foam core.

Do not expose mattress to water or liquid of any kind. Use of a mattress protector is recommended.

Terms & Conditions

Mattresses that are manufactured by Durfi.com and bought directly from Durfi.com or authorized Durfi retailer only are subject to the Durfi 10 Year Limited Warranty and cannot be transferred to another person.

In case of any defect, register your claim. Email the requirements mentioned below to care@durfi.com:

Describe the defect found in a mattress in brief

  1. Mattress receipt or confirmation email as proof of purchase.
  2. A clear photograph of the defect on the mattress.

A response from our team will be sent to you within 10 business days as we receive the claim of defect.

Applicable Law

Durfi Retail Private Limited runs in accordance with the laws of India. The sales and interactions with us will be governed by and interpreted and construed according to the laws of India. Any form of dispute with Durfi Retail Private Limited /Durfi shall be subjected only to courts/authorities/ forums in Coimbatore/Haridwar.