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Sleep Specialist Consultation Service

Durfi mattress is now available in your city for touch and feel purpose, if you want to touch and feel our products before placing order. Please go through the below points and opt the service:

  1. Durfi has certified Sleep Specialist, will carry complete Durfi Mattress sample kit.
  1. If you want to touch and feel the samples, before placing order. Please click here and share your details, we can arrange live demo at your door step.
  1. After trying products through Sleep Specialist, if you want to buy Durfi products. You need to place order on Durfi.com website only, manual order are not accepted/ don’t pay any money to Sleep Specialist.
  1. Every Sleep Specialist has unique code for identification purposes, example “you explored Durfi products through Sleep Specialist(001ABC). While placing order, please enter in “Remarks window” specific Sleep Specialist code#001ABC” and complete the transaction.
  1. Sleep Specialist is an represent to show the Durfi products to you, Sleep Specialist is not liable for your purchases/ warranty and other commercial activities.

Further more details you can contact: 9319800191 / email: sales@durfi.com.