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Poor after-sales support from a shopping portal is usually a deal-breaker for online shoppers. At Durfi, we’re here to help if you have a problem with your purchase.

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Not only can you score big discounts with online Durfi purchases, but also enjoy free delivery at your doorstep. No more fighting to fit a mattress in your car!

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Sales people may pressure you to buy products that give them higher commissions or fill their quota. Buy direct from Durfi to get the best fit for your needs.

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When it comes to choosing a mattress, there is a plethora of options available today, each with different options for size, style, material, etc. Every mattress company promises comfort, but none of them focuses on Indian sleeping patterns. Everyone tends to pursue international standards and sleep patterns instead. How about we start with understanding Indian sleeping habits, and how we all like to sit, eat, watch television and laugh together on the same mattress?
Durfi evolved to fill this gap, simplify the sleeping experience and kick-start a comfort revolution. We aim to to help people sleep better and feel better every single day, and keep India moving ahead! Durfi is a mattress that keeps your back aligned, while also giving you comfort and coziness. It does not have 10 layers of sleep comfort or any other fancy-sounding technology that makes no sense to most buyers. It has simply been developed with the best technology and quality materials available today.
How about getting the benefits of different mattresses in ONE mattress? Made without compromising on quality, Durfi is an all-in-one mattress that has been carefully designed, developed and tested to provide you with the most comfortable night’s sleep. Durfi mattress is here to simplify your sleeping pattern, so you sleep well and wake up refreshed. After all, do you really need anything else?
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