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5 Resolutions For Better Sleep In 2020

In this day and age, constant feeling of tiredness, remaining awake throughout the night, permanent eye bags have become the new normal. We all run on low sleep, living between one snooze to another. And all this while, we have all our hopes of a good sleep pegged on tomorrow. It’s a hectic world and sacrificing sleep has become understandable and necessary.

But Friends, Romans, Countrymen - Fear Not! New dawn, a new year, and a new decade is upon us. So, here we have five resolutions that you can stick to for those eight hours of good refreshing sleep.

Saying No!

Remember when your boss gave you that assignment? And, you knew you would have to lose your sleep the whole week for the assignment to look good? But you slapped a smile on your face and said that you were super happy to have been chosen for that job? Yeah, do not do that. Learn to set limits and saying no early on. This way, you will not get overburdened and will not have to lose sleep.

And, this is actually a good thing to do! Not just for your health but also for your career! Studies have shown that a good sleep schedule goes a long way in contributing to work-life-balance! Losing sleep to work on the task at hand cuts down your problem-solving ability. This hampers how you will tackle tasks in the long term.

Treat Your Body Right!

Experiments have proven that cutting down fibre, consuming saturated fat and sugar throughout the day, and a diet low in nutrients is connected with less restorative sleep. This means that having those two samosas, that last slice of pizza and living on energy drinks greatly destroys your quality of sleep. You keep waking up through the night and what sleep you do have, is not too satisfying.

But there is a solution! Eat right and eat on time! Reduce quantities of caffeine and alcohol. Do not eat food that is too spicy or greasy. Do not dare skip meals. Stay hydrated, eat plenty of fruits and greens. Focus on the whole food pyramid and notice your sleep becoming better every day.

Exercise And Meditation

Sometimes, your mind gets exhausted but your body does not. Sometimes your mind is buzzing and you cannot calm down for enough time to fall asleep. Exercise and Meditation can get rid of these problems.

Studies suggest that exercise helps improve sleep. Incorporating it in your schedule plays a big part in healthier and more restful sleep - and may even contribute to improving sleep issues such as chronic insomnia. Regular exercise helps burn up energy and gets you ready to go rest at the end of the day. Meditation combined with regular exercise proves to be a powerful remedy to anxiety levels and gets rid of restlessness throughout the night. Experimenting with the various styles of meditation and exercises can help you find what suits you best!

Ask For Help

"Sleep problems are tell-tale signs of declining mental health."

Today we all have a lot of commitments and responsibilities. And, this competitive world is also a witness to declining mental health statistics. We are all stressing about our internal battles. This keeps us awake. This makes us tired and therefore keeps us from winning these fights. We stress more and sleep lesser. It’s a whole cycle. Do not be ashamed to ask for help. Talk to a friend. Go to a therapist. Go to a psychiatrist (I promise they don’t bite) and take the medicines you need. Find solutions. Do not bottle up your problems.

Invest In A Good Mattress

Sara Elizabeth Benjamin, M.D., a neurologist says, “If you start waking up sore and more tired than how you were before going to sleep, it is time for a good New mattress. Select according to your body type, research, discuss with your partner, take your time and choose one which makes you feel good.”

If you are looking for a quality mattress, you can also invest in Durfi Mattress which helps you to get the best good night’s sleep.

To 2020 Of Great Memories, Great Times And Great Sleep!!

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