5 Surprising Sleeping Trends You Should Know

November 11, 2019

Sleep deprivation has become a serious problem in the past few years. Nowadays, people are becoming aware of their unhealthy sleeping patterns and the risks associated with it. Many have opted to use sleeping supplements and receive holistic help. They are trying to balance their mental health and physical health. This is giving rise to various trends and innovations that are focused on helping people with their sleeping problems.

Here are five surprising sleeping trends that everyone should know about.

Sleeping on Best Mattresses

The secret to a relaxing sleep starts with having a bed which is comfortable. Mattresses are the basic yet most important ingredient to a night of undisturbed sleep. Investing in mattresses that are customized to your needs will lead to impressive results. Mattresses that can be Customized as per the size and other modifications are proven to be more comfortable than the ones that cannot be altered as per your needs.

A Good Mattress supports back and does not induce allergies. A breathable fabric on the mattresses that is soft and firm also benefits a lot to the skin.

Sleep Inducing Supplements

Sleep inducing supplements such as Melatonin supplements are highly popular among people with insomnia and anxiety. It has various benefits, including regulation of body temperature and blood pressure. Melatonin is a sleep hormone that stays inactivated throughout the day. The brain releases melatonin in response to changes in light. These supplements can help with jet lag. The effect of melatonin depends on the person to person; however, it helps with shortening the time to fall asleep.

For similar purposes, Adaptogen has been used for years in Chinese and Ayurvedic traditions because of its healing properties. It is non-toxic and extracted from plants. It holds major recovering properties and helps fight fatigue and help sleep. It also helps in focusing and speeding up energy. Examples of Adaptogen include turmeric, Ashwagandha, and liquorice root.

Sleep Coaching for Adults and Babies

Sleep coaching has been trending for the past few years because of its sleeping solutions. There are sleep coaches for adults, babies, and children. Sleep coaching assists people with sleep problems such as sleep apnea and insomnia. The sleep coach will introduce you to sleeping techniques and Breathing Exercises, among others. Sleep coaches for babies come with customized plans. These plans guide the parents through various aspects, ranging from the nutrition of the child to the design of their room. Sleep coaches in all may seem like a very foreign and expensive concept, but it comes with a promise of an improved sleeping lifestyle.

Non-wearable Sleep Trackers

Sleep trackers have been in the market for years to help analyze sleeping patterns based on heartbeats. However, not everyone enjoys wearing sleep trackers while sleeping. Some people have also pointed out that wearing trackers causes more damage than good. Hence, 2019 has been a year of non-contact sleep trackers. These Sleep Trackers can be placed under or on top of the mattress. They monitor snoring and light quality with movement sensors. These non-wearable trackers also track the duration of sleep. They also track down to sleep with interruptions throughout the night.

Sleep Vacations

Sleep vacation is a kind of vacation where all you do is sleep to pay back your sleep debt. People with insomnia are indulging in these guilt-free sleep vacations to relax. Sleep vacations help to build a sleeping routine that release the accumulated stress. There are hotels available with sleep vacation packages that come with a variety of options. They also come with different ambient sounds and stretching classes. Sleep vacation is all about learning helpful techniques about sleeping. It includes Aromatherapy and various other techniques. Sleep vacation ensures going back home with a sleep routine that can be incorporated easily in day to day life.

From having a healthy body to better mental health, every single thing starts with having a restful sleep. As sleep apnea and insomnia becoming more and more common, people are becoming conscious of their sleeping habits. Hence, the past few years have been a year full of creativity to help people manage their sleeping habits.

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