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Relaxing Aroma to Help You Sleep Better

It has been proven by various studies over many years how different fragrances have certain effects on the state of your mind and the way you react. From the early Egyptians and Romans to modern men, aromas have not only sought attention but have had a phenomenal effect on the quality of sleep.

There are a number of scents that help you enrich your state of slumber by reducing stress and creating an overall soothing atmosphere around you. This soothing bedroom environment along with a comfortable mattress is perfect for you to sleep soundly.


Aromatherapy, also known as essential oil therapy, is a comprehensive healing method that uses plants. It concentrates on enhancing the well-being of the mind, heart, and soul. Aromatherapy utilizes sweet-smelling medicinal oils to restore and strengthen emotional and physical well-being by healing the body from within.

With increased acknowledgment in the field of science and medicine, aromatherapy is believed to be a science as well as an art.

How Does Aromatherapy Work?

Aromas do affect peoples’ moods, emotions, work productivity, and behaviour in a number of ways.

Now, you may think that fragrances can be used as an alternative for drugs?

Aromas do not act like drugs on us, but we associate the scents with the experiences we have had in our lives. This happens because the human brain has an unmediated link to the olfactory system – which is why for a scent to evoke any kind of reaction in you, initially, you need to figure out how to connect it with some occasion. This clarification of how aromas influence us is based on associative learning, the procedure of connecting one occasion to another as a result of an individual’s past experiences. The connected occasion then stimulates the brain to kindle a response to the situation in hand.

This therapy resolves both how scents can be enjoyed or despised, just as how they can inspire feelings and states of mind.

Six Calming Aromas for Finer Sleep

Here are six aromas that improve sleep quality and even treat sleeping disorders like insomnia.


Lavender is a beautiful fragrant shrub of the family of mint and rosemary. The smell of lavender is believed to ease anxiety and disquiet, helps in pulse reductions and brings down circulatory strain, in turn helping you sleep peacefully.


Vanilla develops a positive effect on the state of mind with its intense taste and smell. It can go about as an energizer at times. This makes the surrounding an ideal condition for falling into a profound, relaxing slumber.


The delicate, soft, alluring fragrance of sandalwood is the most loved among scent creators. A test shows that the smell of sandalwood builds theta mind movement, which connotes lethargy, hence encouraging a heavy sleep.


Juniper has a distinct woody, musky fragrance that helps cure the sleeping disorder, so much that a test revealed that individuals stopped depending on sleeping pills as it eliminates numerous issues like weakness and anxiety.


With its pleasant, earthy, and somewhat rich fragrance, Frankincense has been used for ages to ease muscle tension and lull your body to doze off within minutes of hitting the sheets.


Chamomile is a plant of the daisy family, having strongly scented foliage and white and yellow flowers, known as the quieting specialist of the old world. Its scent not only induces sleep but also improves usual daytime working and decreases exhaustion during the day.

Other fragrances such as Lemon, Bergamot, Valerian extracts, Rose, Jasmine, and Ylang Ylang help you improve the quality of your sleep as well as reduce stress and keep you overall relaxed and energetic.

How to Use Aromas for Sleep?

The way of aromas work through senses of smell as well as skin retention, they can be used in the form of incense candles or essential oils. You can rub a roll-on scent on your wrists before you go to sleep, or make your own pillow mist by taking half a cup of water and adding a teaspoon or few drops of your favourite aroma and fill it in a spray bottle. Spray it on your pillow or in your room and ease into a soulful sleep.


Sufficient sleep not only promotes a healthy lifestyle but also treats sleeping disorders like insomnia and helps you fight anxiety and hypertension by maintaining heart rate and slowing down the cardiac activity. Thus, a pleasant and fragrant environment in your bedroom takes you one step closer to a peaceful and quality sleep.

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