6 Ways Your Mattress Could be a Game-Changer for Your Health

December 08, 2020

It is a well-known fact that getting enough sleep is connected to benefitting the overall health of a person. From improving the memory to boosting the immune system and even aiding weight loss, there are lots of positives of getting full eight hours of sleep. But could a mattress be hindering the chances of comfortable slumber and better health?

Let's find out.

Importance Of Mattress

The way a comfortable sleep is important for humans, so is the sleeping surface. A perfect sleeping surface ensures a good posture while sleeping in order to protect the back. While we sleep, the muscles and ligaments of the back relax and repair themselves. A good sleeping surface assures the natural curve of the spine. Also, it ensures that the hip, neck, and back are aligned, even while turning in sleep.

A correct mattress can make all the difference between a sleepless night and a comfortable sound sleep. A suitable sleeping surface provides a perfect balance of comfort and support, keeping the body posture and natural spinal alignment in place, thus significantly improving the quality of sleep.

Durfi provides the best mattress for a night of comfortable and relaxed sleep. The medium firm memory foam mattress ensures correct spinal alignment. It evenly distributes the bodyweight on the mattress, preventing the build-up of pressure points, especially around the neck, back, and hip areas. Durfi mattress is less bouncy, with no sagging issues. The mattress has a perfect blend of firmness and flexibility.

Durfi: A Game Changer For Health

1. Provides Good Sleep

Durfi's Cotton Candy Memory foam mattress provides utmost comfort and coziness for a night of relaxed and uninterrupted sleep. The mattress prevents the build-up of pressure points, with maximum push back. The 7-layers medium-firm orthopedic structure of the Durfi mattress affirms the correct sleeping posture, resulting in enhanced blood circulation in the body. The unique high-density foam used in the mattress has ultra-supportive material that improves back pain and relieves stress. Furthermore, Durfi mattress uses airflow technology that enhances the breathability of the mattress. It diverts excess heat away from the body and keeps you comfortable all night.

2. Good Spinal Alignment

An ideal mattress should support each part of the body by uniformly distributing the bodyweight on the mattress. Without this even distribution of weight, the lower back will not be supported sufficiently, which means the spine will not be in a neutral position. Incorrect spinal alignment can lead to a whole host of issues over time, including chronic pain. Durfi presents the perfect mattress as it uses advanced cotton candy memory foam, which assists in spine alignment. It supports the natural curve of the spine. Durfi mattress envelops the whole body and lets it sink in deeper, keeping the body firm enough to feel comfortable and propped up.

3. Prevent Body Pain

If you are all too accustomed to joint or back pain, then there is a good chance that the mattress is the culprit. Correct alignment is vital for pain-free sleep. A good mattress holds the spine in a straight line during the night for peaceful and comfortable sleep. The ultra-supportive material used in the Durfi mattress improves back pain and relieves stress. Also, it reduces joint pain, supports correct posture, and alleviates pressure from the body.

4. Tackle Snoring

Snoring occurs when the airways are partially blocked while sleeping. Oftentimes, snoring is associated with sleeping on the back, but the mattress could also be somewhat responsible for it. If the mattress has sagging issues, then the head and neck areas will not be supported properly. It may cause the throat to constrict and lead to snoring. The medium-firm structure of the Durfi mattress provides a snore-free slumber, as it adequately supports the body through the night.

5. Reduce Stress Levels

A night of quality sleep can result in reduced stress levels. An insufficient amount of sleep can increase the production of stress hormones in the body, which in turn increases the blood pressure. It can result in fatigue, mood swings, and irritability throughout the day. The unique foam used in the Durfi mattress provides an uninterpreted sound sleep, which helps to keep the blood pressure low and the mood relaxed.

6. Reduce Allergy Symptoms

Dust particles like to set up home in a mattress, which is a leading cause of allergies. But they are unavoidable. A mattress with a denser structure helps to control the dust mites as there is no room for them to live. The Ulta Fresh protection layer in the Durfi mattress promotes a cleaner sleep environment by preventing microbial growth. Durfi encourages fewer sneezes and more snoozing.

Bottom Line

Getting enough amount of sleep is crucial for overall health. Adequate rest is not a luxury but paramount to good health. A right mattress could be a game-changer for your health. Durfi mattress offers more than comfort as it provides a peaceful slumber with great lifestyle habits.

Buy Durfi and enjoy peaceful Zzzzz!!!

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