8 Tips to Maximize Your Mattress’s Life

March 21, 2020

Buying a mattress that has exceptional quality and a wonderful warranty is one thing, but keeping that exceptional quality of the mattress as it was before is a big task. Most people buy the mattress thinking that it will remain the same for a year without care and protection, but that's far from the truth.

Even if Durfi Mattresses are equipped with all the technology to keep the mattress new for years, there are some general rules that you may incorporate in their mattress upkeeping routine so that it can increase the life of the mattress further, and keep supporting you just as new.

Flip and Rotate

This is the general first rule that years of mattress maintenance has taught us. Rotating the mattress to 180 degrees alternatively after every 3-6 months will keep the mattress sagging from one particular spot. Also, flipping the mattress after every 6 months will help in retaining the mattress quality since the pressure will be distributed throughout the mattress at various intervals of time.

These days, some of the mattresses cannot be flipped as the mattress is meant to be used from one side only, but the rotation of the mattress helps a great deal in these mattresses as well. These mattresses are designed in such a way that they retain the perfect shape even without flipping.

Proper Support for The Mattress

Getting the right structure support (bed frame) for the mattress is always essential because it takes care of the even support that maintains the quality of the mattress. The right support is one structure that has a solid base to the bed. While pocket spring mattress can be used with the box bed types of structures, other types of mattresses such as orthopedic memory foam mattress require solid support at the base for the quality to remain as new for years.

Mattress Protector

The Mattress Protectors are the best way to increase the longevity of the mattress. These days, mattress protectors are available in various types that range from simple protection from regular stains to the ones that are waterproof and provide extra cushioning on the mattress. There are also the ones that prevent the allergens to breed on the surface so you stay protected in all ways.

Don’t let kids jump on the bed

It may be fun for the kids but it is not fun for the mattress when you want to retain its quality. Jumping on the mattress can cause the fibres to lose the springiness that can affect the supporting quality of the mattress.

Protection during transportation

Not only does the mattress require protection when placed on the bed, but also while you’re transporting it to another location. Make sure that the mattress is properly covered so that the contact with dust is minimal. Also, keep the mattress upright while transporting and avoid bending or folding. If you have a mattress that has handles on the cover, avoid using those as it can cause the fibre to tear from that very area.

Sunlight is Important

It is suggested to let the mattress breathe in natural sunlight for several hours every two months. This will help the mattress to get rid of any dampness or moisture, that may become the reason for building mould inside the mattress.

Keeping it clean and dry

If getting the sunlight is a struggle in your area, you can still keep the mattress clean and dry by regularly vacuuming the mattress. It is essential to invest a good quality vacuum clear that can suck up all the dirt from its surface. If the mattress smells, you can clean it by sprinkling some baking soda on the mattress, and then vacuuming the mattress after 20 minutes.

Following manufacturing advice

The most common habit of people after buying the mattress is that they don’t follow the instructions given for upkeeping of the mattress on a regular basis. Hence, it is always recommended to keep following instructions of the manufacturer of the mattress, that tells you ways to keep the mattress in the best condition so that it can provide the ultimate comfort for years.

If you want to retain the quality of the mattress and increase its longevity, inherit the above suggestions in your mattress cleaning routine. Durfi mattress decreases your efforts of cleaning and retaining the mattress quality by using the materials which resist the damage.

If you want to experience comfort in its true form, try Durfi.

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