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Are you in a Toxic Relationship with Your Old Pillows?

For a calm and relaxed sleep, a good quality pillow is as important as a good quality mattress. No matter what your sleeping preferences are, whether you like to drowse with just one pillow or you prefer being surrounded by more than one supportive cushion, the bond with the pillows is incredibly close. The pillows make up approximately one-fourth of the sleep environment. However, the relationship tends to become toxic as the pillow ages. It accumulates a mixture of nasty allergens, sweat, dust mites, dead skin, and other irritants that can impact health negatively.

But, a lot of people use their pillows much longer than the suggested two-year lifespan. Over the time, a pillow breaks down, and along with that, you may notice changes in support and comfort. The pillow that once used to look clean and fresh now looks stained, lumpy, and full of unwanted allergens.

In this article, we will discuss how you are in a toxic relationship with your old pillow and how to end the relationship for better health. So, let’s get started!

Signs That Your Pillow is Making You Sick

After a hectic and exhausting day at work, when you hit the pillow, you expect to unwind and wake up fresh the next day to conquer the world. However, if the pillow is old and unsupportive, then a night of peaceful slumber can be a distant dream.

Here is a list of signs that hint that it is high time to change the old pillows:

  • There are stains on the pillow
  • The pillow has lumps
  • The pillow is no more supportive and comfortable
  • After waking up, the neck and shoulders hurt
  • The pillow causes rashes on the face, neck, or any exposed part of the body which is in contact with the pillow
  • The pillow makes you sneeze
  • The pillow needs to be fluffed and adjusted continually to get a comfortable position

If the pillow shows any of the aforementioned signs, then it is the time to get rid of the old pillow.

Now that you know you are in a toxic relationship with the old unhealthy pillow, the next question that strikes is which pillow is the best for a comfortable and relaxed sleep and lasts longer than usual? The answer is Durfi.

About Durfi's Dual Comfort Dr. Pillow

Durfi provides the best dual comfort pillow. It is an ideal solution for a relaxed and comfortable sleep as the Dual Comfort Dr. Pillow is carefully engineered for sleepy heads with the right medium height. Also, the pillow aids health.

Here are some points why you should replace your old pillow with Durfi's Dual Comfort Dr. Pillow:


Durfi Dual Comfort Dr. Pillows have highly ventilated materials that provide comfort even during the hottest Indian summer months. The pillow is made up of ultra-sensitive hypoallergenic fabric, wrapped in Durfi's signature cover, which absorbs moisture and sweat more efficiently than cotton. Also, the Dual Comfort Dr. Pillow is very smooth to the touch, helping you sleep better.


Durfi Dual Comfort Dr. Pillow is resilient and durable than other pillows available in the market. Along with that, the breathability and proper air circulation in the pillow not only renders a healthier sleep but also stays in great shape, providing extra support to the head and neck.


Some nights you want to sink into a soft cloud, and other nights you may need some extra support for the head and neck. Also, the pillow relieves pressure points and responds instantly to changes in weight and position during sleep. Durfi provides the best pillow that offers the comfort of both worlds. One side of the Durfi's Dual Comfort Dr. Pillow is soft, and the other is firm that enables you to control your comfort in the way you want. Just flip the pillow to whichever side you prefer. The pillow caters to all sleeping styles and positions with a simple flip.


Hypoallergenic quality in the pillow keeps dust mites and allergens away while sleeping. Also, it assures that dust bugs do not pitch their shelters inside the pillow. Durfi's Dual Comfort Dr. Pillow is made of ultra-sensitive hypoallergenic fabric that not only takes care of the neck and shoulders but also the skin and respiratory system. The pillow is topped with 400 GSM with anti-bacterial fabric.

Before you go...

A good quality pillow is one of the main requirements for a night of blissful sleep. The Durfi Dual Comfort Dr. Pillow is a perfect solution for a comfortable and relaxed sleep, as it instantly responds to changes in pressure and temperatures. Also, the pillow is durable.

So, invest in Durfi Dual Comfort Dr. Pillow and enjoy sleeping!!!

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