Best Mattress in India For Sexually Active People

December 11, 2020

A mattress should ensure the best sleeping experience while complementing the most intimate moments of life. Whether you share your bed with a loved one or wrapped up on your own, having a supportive and comfortable mattress is essential for a good quality of life.

Maureen Whelihan, FACOG, MD at Elite GYN Care says, "Appropriate, restful sleep is a crucial element to healthy sexual function. Improved sex life can have a positive influence on a lot of aspects like blood pressure, improved physical and pelvic health, reduces stress, and elevates the mood." For people with a sexually active life, a mattress is more than just getting the nightly rest. The best mattress for sexually active people should be responsive, has temperature neutrality, durability, traction, and edge support.

Here the Durfi mattress comes as a perfect mattress for sexually active couples, as it strives for optimum support and relaxing sleep.

About Durfi

Durfi presents the best mattress for a night of comfortable and restful sleep. The mattress offers optimum comfort to the body by providing back and spine support. The medium-firm surface of the Durfi mattress ensures correct spinal alignment by evenly distributing the body weight on the mattress. Also, it restricts the build-up of pressure points, especially around the neck, back, and hip areas, improving the blood circulation in the body.

Several years of experiments and trials have resulted in the creation of the Durfi mattress. The mattress is designed after the consultation of several doctors. The orthopedic structure of the mattress ensures custom-built support and maximum push back. It reduces joint pain and alleviates pressure from the body. The unique high-density foam used in the Durfi mattress has ultra-supportive material that improves back pain and relieves stress. It supports maximum sleeping postures and reduces motion transfer.

What Makes Durfi the Best Mattress for Sexually Active People

For a night of relaxed and uninterpreted sleep, a person might look for spine alignment, motion isolation, cooling properties, support, durability, firmness in the mattress. But for couples with a sexually active life, a myriad of factors needs to be analyzed while considering the perfect mattress. Durfi presents the best mattress for sexually active people.


Durfi mattresses are responsive and react to motion. A less responsive mattress may be problematic as it may cause the individuals to sink into the mattress. Durfi mattress provides a stable surface throughout the night.


It is one of the most crucial factors to consider when buying a new mattress. There are several factors that affect the bounciness of the mattress, like the material and firmness level of the mattress. Durfi mattress offers both comfort and bounce.


Comfort is the main characteristic that should be prioritized while considering a new mattress. Durfi mattress provides optimum comfort by keeping the spine aligned and provides support to the body, especially around the neck, back, and hip areas. It restricts the build-up of pressure points by evenly spreading the bodyweight on the mattress surface. If the mattress is stiff or has sagging issues, it limits the desire for intimate activity. That is why it is essential to have a mattress that provides the right amount of comfort and support for a night of comfortable and calm sleep.

Edge Support

When looking for the best mattress for sexually active people, edge support is a must factor to consider for preventing you and your partner from rolling off the side of the mattress. Durfi's Hybrid mattress provides great edge support.

Temperature Regulation

Another mood spoiler is excessive heat or sweat. To avoid this, opt for a mattress with good breathability. The high-resilience foam used in the Durfi mattress boosts air circulation and diverts excessive heat away from the body.

Final Words

For sexually active people, the Durfi mattress is an exceptional option. The unique foam used in the mattress provides a great degree of comfort and support. Durfi mattress has less noise potential that makes it the ideal choice for couples. The mattress comes with a 30 days exchange policy and a warranty of 10 years.

So buy Durfi, the best mattress in India for sexually active people.

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