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Can a Mattress Help in Lower Back Pain?

A large number of people now suffer from lower back pain. As per research, in America alone, 31 million people might be suffering from lower back pain at any given point in time.

Do you also wake up with lower back pain and sore muscles all over your body? Do you go to bed tired and wake up still tired?

It could be your mattress.

It might be hard to fathom, but a bad mattress is sometimes one of the causes for lower back pain. It might not provide the right support or aid correct posture. While you spend 8 hours on it daily with a hope of feeling energetic, you end with lower back pain and feeling lethargic.

What Causes Lower Back Pain

There are many activities that can lead to backaches and soreness of the calf muscles.

  • Workout sessions.
  • Traveling in a crowded public transport.
  • Carrying heavy bags on our shoulders.
  • Lifting heavy objects.
  • Sitting in an uncomfortable posture on a bike or at your office desk.
  • Giving piggyback rides to children.
  • Stooping to clean the floor at home.
  • Washing clothes or doing the dishes at the end of a tiring day.
  • Sleeping in a wrong posture.
  • Sleeping on a wrong mattress that does not provide proper lower back support.

Indian men and women, and even children suffer from lower back pain due to one or more of these problems. Carrying school bags almost half your own weight, carrying laptop bags on a bike, doing chores around the house after a full-time job, all are contributing factors to the pain.

Our lifestyle is such that we cannot avoid these pain inducing activities. The least we can do is get a good mattress for lower back pain and overall support and have a restful slumber at the end of the day.

Choosing the Best Mattress for Lower Back Pain

There are different types of mattresses that one can choose from, all of them claiming to be orthopedic. Research has proved that a Memory foam mattress provides the required support and comfort to the body, as it adjusts to the natural shape of different body parts. Durfi Mattress uses Cotton Candy Memory Foam, that not only provides right support, but also right level of comfort and durability.

Durfi Cotton Candy Memory Foam

Durfi memory foam mattress is especially designed to support Indian body frames. With years of research and medical opinion, Durfi mattress is specially crafted to be effective for different types of people.

For Children and Adults

Many Indian families co-sleep. Hence, the mattress needs to be fit for children and adults alike. Durfi’s memory foam mattresses have an even greater support and cotton candy memory foam to keep the little and lighter bodies of children comfortable, and support the average adult frame.

For Skinnier and Obese People

Skinny people and chubby people have different requirements from mattresses. The support needed, the softness, and the bounce needed are all different. A Memory Foam Mattress is best suited for all. It provides the perfect balance between support and bounce, firmness and softness, being the perfect mattress for any weight category.

Improves Posture to Relieve Lower Back Pain

Memory foam Mattresses for Lower Back Pain from Durfi have a three-layer design to ensure good posture. They don’t let your body sink into the mattress, giving way to all the pressure. They don’t give an uncomfortable upward thrust that results in sore muscles. They provide optimum support to ensure the proper posture that helps you sleep through the night without any kind of discomfort.

Wake up Guy on Durfi Mattress

Designed for Lower Back Support

With a strong lining in Durfi’s memory foam mattresses, your lower body gets the necessary support, no matter how curved or less curved your structure is. The mattress will adapt to your structure and weight to provide the support you need.

The Optimum Thickness

The thickness of the mattress affects the support. Mattresses that are thinner than 6 inches are not supportive enough. Mattresses that are thicker than 6 inches can end up being too hard or too soft. Durfi’s mattresses are exactly 6 inches because that is the optimum thickness to maintain support and bounce balance.


Go ahead and purchase a Durfi Mattress today - your lower back will thank you for it. Experience relaxing and comfortable slumber every night.

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