Can Bedroom Greenery Induce Sleep?

January 25, 2020

Lush green forests alongside brimming rivers flash a calm image in our minds. Even science says that when we’re stressed, looking at greenery can perk up our mood. More fascinatingly, adding greenery to a bedroom can help not only in inducing but also beautifying sleep.

Having plants in the room can help you rest better in several ways. They can induce relaxation, calm your nerves, reduce anxiety, and even purify the air for breathing.

Different plants help in sleep differently. Let’s have a look at some of these plants and see how they can enhance your Sleeping Environment and help you rest better.

Effects of Plants in Improving Sleep


Along with its timeless charm, growing lavender in your bedroom can bless you with a relaxed sleeping environment. The plant has shown to minimize the symptoms of restlessness, disturbed sleep and stress, and improve the duration of sleep. Lavender can be a wonderful natural remedy for treating insomnia as well. Impressively, these benefits of lavender can have a positive influence on the quality of your life.

Aloe Vera

For thousands of years, the benefits of aloe vera are being enjoyed. This medicinal plant can be a superb addition to your bedroom. Along with producing oxygen at night and improving the quality of air, it can help in beating insomnia too.


Jasmine can also help you to sleep better each night. The sleep-promoting capabilities of this plant can help you cut down on restlessness and keep you more alert when you’re awake. In fact, lying down with the scent of lovely jasmines has been known for lowering the levels of anxiety. Interestingly, when you wake up charged with the goodness of jasmine benefits, your cognitive abilities may also get better.

Snake Plant

One of our favourites, the snake plant emits oxygen in the evening. Also, this plant is best known for air purification. With these attributes, the snake plant can help a lot in improving the quality of sleep.

English Ivy

With an English ivy plant in your bedroom, you’ll breathe fresher. The beautiful dark green leaves of this plant can soak up toxins in the air. English ivy would be specially recommended if you experience allergies during sleep. Additionally, it can also alleviate the symptoms of asthma.

Breathe Happier with Plants on a Comfortable Surface

Making plants a part of your sleep can definitely improve the atmosphere of your room; however, improving the sleeping atmosphere of the bedroom by adding the plants but not checking the quality of your mattress may not really help. The greenery in your bedroom will benefit you best when the surface you are sleeping on is comfortable. So, with a sleep-inducing atmosphere, the right choice of mattress will also be important.

A Good Quality Mattress is Essential

Sleeping on a Comfortable Mattress is vital for your body to function properly. When you rest on a good mattress, you will get great comfort and enough quality of sleep which will improve your concentration and mood, improve your skin, reduce stress, maintain blood pressure and so much more.

That is why, at Durfi, we create our memory foam mattress with the best materials, to give you the experience of the best sleep. With our mission to provide the best sleep, Durfi memory foam mattress has helped thousands of happy sleepers. The best mattress of India, the softness of our cotton candy memory foam layer gives you a pleasant sleep.

So, are you all set to experience the benefits of bedroom greenery with Durfi?

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