Diwali Party Games You Can Play On Your Mattress

November 05, 2020

It is the time of year when the festive season is just around the corner with the best of all festivals, Diwali, knocking on the door. Who does not love the pomp and splendor which Diwali brings, as it embraces the sweet winter beginning. Diyas, gifts, music, lights, food, and the glittery Diwali parties are the quintessential elements of the festival. But with the COVID pandemic amidst us, would the zeal of this festival of lights be the same is a question. With the social distancing being the new normal, is the fun going to be the same?

Well, the answer is yes!

Though the physical presence of friends and relatives around is not possible because of the pandemic, you can still celebrate and enjoy Diwali. You can play some exciting fun games with your friends and families at your home on the comfortable mattress, through Video calls. In this way, you can enjoy the festive vibes of Diwali by reducing the risk of COVID-19.

Below are some games that you can play sitting safely at your home, on your comfortable mattress.


Tambola is always fun. The game is also known as Housie or Indian Bingo. From children to adults, tambola is an all-time favorite game for individuals of all age groups. The game is played with numbers, and the player has to strike out the number on the tickets that are called out one at a time. To make the game exciting, you can have more than one slot of prizes like a full house, Early-7, 3 Rows, 4-corners, etc.

You can play this game of tambola at your home, sitting comfortably on the mattress, with some music and refreshments. So, let the fun of Diwali begin.


Taboo is a word guessing, a party game that can give you giggles and chuckles. In this game, the players have to describe, to make their partner guess the word written on the player's card without using that word and five other words listed on the player's card.

Play taboo, and have a blast!!

Never Have I Ever

It is a quite common game, but it is an all-time fun game. In this Diwali party game, you have to speak out a statement, and your friends will reveal whether they have done that thing or not. You can add the zing of shots into it to make it more exciting. And this is it, crazy waves of laughter will be a constant sight at the party.

So, get ready to laugh your heart out by playing Never Have I ever on your comfortable mattress.

Heads Up

It is a simple, but fun game to keep the festive fever going. In this, you have to keep the cellphone on your head and guess the word or character that your friend will describe to you as time counts down. Once your turn is over, then your friend will start, and you will help your friend to guess the word or character.

Dumb Charades

This old-age game is the favorite of all, and it will make the evening fun-filled. It can be played in pairs or in teams. This Diwali, try a new version of dumb charades and add real-life incidents to act out. The incidents can be something embarrassing but funny that has happened to your friend. By the end, definitely, some of your friends will be wishing they could duck under the invisibility cloak of Harry Potter.


Warning! This word guessing game can lead to a laugh riot if the players are not art-inclined.

Here, you have to draw what your card says for others to guess. You can make this game more interesting by adding an Indian touch to it. Use Bollywood songs to be described through drawings!

Final Words

Diwali is synonymous with fun, yummy foods, festivities, getting-together, gifts, and lots of laughter, and these few games add to the beauty of the gorgeous Diwali night. Introduce these popular games to your Diwali party to have a rocking eve.

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So this Diwali season, gift yourself and your loved ones an extra comfortable and scientifically designed Durfi mattress.

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Happy comfortable Diwali with Durfi!!

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