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Durfi Hempseed Oil Memory Foam Mattress

A healthy person sleeps for 6 to 8 hours a day. It means that a person spends one-third or approximately 229,961 hours of their lifetime sleeping. But, are people getting the amount of sleep they need? Quite not. Midday yawns and sloth are proof that people are desperately lacking quality sleep.

As sleep is essential for humans, so is the sleeping surface. Both go hand-in-hand. A good quality mattress is crucial in achieving good health. In the survey conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, it was found that 92% of people say a comfortable mattress is important for a night of good sleep.

A right quality mattress can make all the difference between a night of sound sleep and a sleepless night. A good sleeping surface promises a good posture while sleeping, ensures the natural curve of the spine, and the ears, shoulders, and hips are properly aligned. While sleeping, the muscles and ligaments of the back relax and heal themselves. A good mattress can offer many more things like it improves memory, reduces stress and anxiety, sharpens focus, etc. Durfi Hempseed Oil Memory Foam Mattress provides all these benefits and keeps you well-rested and energized throughout the day.

Durfi Hempseed Oil Memory Foam Mattress

Durfi has, for the first time in India, introduced the hempseed oil-infused cotton candy mattress. The hemp oil is extracted from the seeds and stems of the hemp plant and is known for its healing properties against anxiety, pain, depression, insomnia, blood pressure, acne, etc. The hempseed oil is infused with the flagship product of Durfi, the Cotton Candy Memory Foam Mattress, to make the relaxation process more wholesome for the users. The medium-soft orthopedic structure of the mattress offers a pain-free, restorative, and healing sleep.

The Hempseed Oil Memory Foam mattress is specifically designed for senior citizens and athletes, as it is fully customizable to meet the preferences and needs of an individual. Durfi's Hempseed Oil Memory Foam mattress is an ideal solution for individuals looking for intense relaxation after a hectic day at work.

In the present fast-paced life scenario, stress and anxiety-related issues are becoming a key concern for all, as it negatively impacts the health and well-being of a person. Keeping this in mind, Durfi has come up with a unique solution by introducing a blend of technology and nature to provide the highest quality of sleep to every individual.

Benefits of Durfi Hempseed Oil Memory Foam Mattress

Durfi's Hempseed Oil Memory Foam mattress is a result of extensive research and development. It aims at presenting a global standard of quality. Durfi mattresses are produced at the four world-class manufacturing units of the company located at Haridwar, Coimbatore, Meerut, and Baroda.

The Durfi mattress is known for its ability to isolate motion and has less noise potential. The Hempseed Oil Memory Foam mattress uses 3D breathable mesh and anti-bacterial fabric. The high-resilience temperature-regulating Cotton Candy Memory Foam in the mattress is highly breathable. It diverts excessive heat away from the body to provide a peaceful and relaxed sleep all night. The orthopedic structure of the Hempseed Oil Memory Foam mattress offers an adequate amount of support to the body and keeps the spine aligned. Also, it restricts the build-up of pressure points, especially around the neck, back, and hip areas. The 6-layer medium-firm structure of the mattress provides optimum push-back, support, and comfort to the body while sleeping. The second layer of the mattress is a transition layer infused with Certified Hempseed Oil to provide natural pain relief, boost immunity, sharpen focus, reduce stress and anxiety, and enhance better sleep quality.

Final Words

Durfi's Hempseed Oil Memory Foam mattress is a marvelous combination of technology and nature. The mattress is designed for sleepers to enjoy a lot of health benefits. Also, the Hempseed Oil Memory Foam mattress offers a pain-free and healing sleep.

The mattress comes with a warranty of 10 years and is delivered at your doorstep without any shipping charges.

So, order now the new Hempseed Oil Memory Foam mattress and enjoy therapeutic sleep.

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