Fun Facts About The Cloth You Wear To Sleep

October 29, 2019

Do you ever feel like you’re sleeping too hot in the night? Do you sometimes feel congested and it feels as if you’re not able to breathe properly during your bedtime?

All this can be accounted for the type of clothes you might be wearing when you are going off to slumber at night.

Yes, the type of clothes you wear at night also affects the quality of sleep and determines whether you’ll be having a beautiful slumber or not. However, it may not just be about the type and style of clothes, the comfortable sleep that you long for after a hard day of work also depends upon the fabrics of your clothes.

The best fabric for the night time is considered to be the cotton, and the other one is silk. The clothes made out of these two types of fabric help in regulating the body temperature at night time that helps you doze off to sleep peacefully.

As discussed, the fabric is one aspect of nighttime clothes that induce a comfortable sleep, another one is types of clothing. Let us have a look at different types of sleep-clothes out there:

1. Pajamas

  • Pyjama is a combination of two Hindi words, “Pae” and “Jama”, which means something to be worn on your legs. In older times, Pyjamas used to be loose drawers tightened around the waist with a cord or drawstring.
  • Pajamas are defined as nightclothes with loose leg space.
  • Pajamas were introduced by Europeans and later adopted by other countries. These were an exotic piece of clothing back then.
  • During sleep, you should be comfortable and relaxed, this type of clothes make you that comfortable to sleep. Pajamas are clothes that are designed to be warm and comfortable for sleeping at the expense of fashion.

2. T-Shirt

  • T-shirts originated in the 19th century and they were made from the undergarment cloth at that time.
  • The first promo t-shirt was produced for The Wizard of Oz in 1939.
  • T-shirts were named after T shape it takes when worn.
  • T-shirts are said to be the easiest clothing to clean. They are also made of stretchy and light fabric.
  • If you don't want to spend your time on choosing what outfit you should wear at night, then you can prefer a T-shirt as comfortable nightwear; some people wear it because it's their style.

3. Sheer Nightie

  • The nightie is believed to have made its first appearance in Victorian times as the nightgown. The 18th century had the first glimpse of nightgowns in India.
  • The nightie is often floor-length with puffed sleeves and lace trimmings. It is mostly made of either cotton or polyester to provide extreme comfort during night time.
  • It is advisable to wear loose clothes to bed, and hence nightie becomes one of the best options as it provides ample space for the skin to breathe.
  • For having a long and relaxing sleep, it is recommended to change into something comfortable. You can wear a nightie as it will not only be comfortable but also provide you utmost relaxation.

4. Camisole

  • Sleeved jackets or overshirts used to be referred to as camisole by men and women in the past.
  • A camisole is a woman’s’ sleeveless undergarment, normally extending to the waist. The camisole is usually made of nylon, satin, and cotton.
  • Camisoles provide support and shape to bust, waist, and abdomen and hence their shape has been used for making various undergarments or shapewear for men and women.
  • A camisole is quite relaxing as it is not too lengthy for preventing you from having a good and comfortable sleep.

By now you must have gathered some new knowledge about different kinds of sleeping attire that may help you sleep better. But do you know apart from the clothes, your sleeping environment also improves your good night's sleep.

The best way to improve your sleeping environment and your sleep is getting the temperature right, noise low, lights dimmed, and perfect shape hugging comfortable bed.

We hope you now have all the ingredients you want for a good night’s sleep.

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