How Custom Mattress Can Improve Your Sleep Quality

August 20, 2022

Everyone in India is unique, and everyone has different needs in every aspect of their life, whether it's clothing, food habits, lifestyle, or sleeping habits. People look for products and services that meet their specific needs. However, finding a mattress that truly works for you can be difficult. Because most mattress brands in India offer standard mattresses that may not meet your needs. But, to address these concerns, we offer every mattress a customization option. So, when choosing a mattress, you can also specify the size, shape and height of the mattress according to your requirements.

What is a Custom Mattress?

A custom mattress is one that has been altered to fit and meet your specific needs. It could be the mattress's length, shape, height, or width. Mattress manufacturers typically produce mattresses in industry standard sizes. However, in India, in addition to standard size beds, people have Diwan, Takhat, antique beds, smaller beds for kids and beds in various shapes. And it can be difficult to find a good quality mattress to fit in such beds. Therefore, they need a custom mattress.

Because Custom Mattresses are made specifically for you, they have all of the qualities that make them the best option for you. Here are some of the ways a custom mattress can help you sleep better.

Couples Get Enough Space to Sleep Comfortably

Couples who share a bed, frequently complain that one of them must always sacrifice comfort and sleeping space on their bed. If one person tosses and turns and takes up the majority of the space, the other person is forced to sleep on the edge or be cramped. Furthermore, when one person is heavier than the other, it is difficult for the other to sleep comfortably or switch positions. If these situations are for one or two days it will just make sleeping difficult, but if you have slept in such conditions every night; it leads to disturbed sleep, aching body and unrested you.

Comfortable Sleep

However, if you order a Custom Mattress, you will receive the mattress that meets your specifications and will have no trouble sharing the bed. You and your partner have enough room to sleep comfortably without having to sleep on the edge or without your bed being crowded. In fact, because of the specialised memory foam and pocket springs, every Durfi mattress provides customised comfort and support. And either of you doesn’t need to comprise with comfort and support.

Mattress to Fit in Your Bed Frame

Most people buy a new mattress for their existing bed. If the bed is standard size, it is simple to find a mattress in that size. However, if you have a bed that is an unusual size or shape, it can be difficult to find a mattress for it, resulting in many people adjusting to the wrong size mattress. An incorrectly sized mattress or a mattress that does not fit in your bed frame allows the mattress to move around on the edges or if the mattress is larger than the bed, it hangs out of the bedside, both of which can damage your mattress and negatively impact your Sleep Quality.

Custom Mattress

A custom mattress, on the other hand, fits perfectly in your bed frame and does not move, slip, or shift when you get on or off the bed or move while sleeping. Furthermore, because a custom mattress is snugly fitted, there is very little space for dust to enter and accumulate around the mattress, keeping your mattress clean for a longer period of time.

Good For Any Shape & Size

Everyone is unique in terms of shape, size, height, and weight, and they require a mattress that is appropriate for their body. So they could get the best possible sleep in their bed every night. This is why, when purchasing a mattress, most people lie on it to see if it will fit their height, absorb their weight, and provide enough space for them to toss and turn while sleeping. Some people, on the other hand, fail to find the right mattress, and when they sleep, either their legs hang out of the bed or they do not have enough space to sleep comfortably. For those people, the best solution is to have the Mattress Size adjusted to their specifications.

Relieves Back Pain, Neck, Shoulder Pain

Mattress For Back Pain Relief

Sleeping on a smaller bed can force you to sleep in one position and increase pressure points which leads to body pain and stain, and disrupted sleep. People who sleep on incorrect-sized mattresses and beds generally experience body pain and stiff body. Which not just makes sleeping difficult but also makes doing simple tasks tough. This is why it becomes important to sleep comfortably in order to relieve pain and stiffness and stay active. A custom mattress, being specially made for you, give you appropriate space and comfort and help you to have a sound sleep.

It Enhances Your Room Décor & Aesthetic

Whether you have a small or big room, you may desire a bed that fits in the space without being too crowded or empty. And if your bed isn't fitting properly or is making your room feel crowded or utterly vacant, instead of attempting to make conventional mattresses work, get the mattress in the size you need. Furthermore, custom bed sizes and mattresses can improve and alleviate the décor and attractiveness of your room, as well as help to better customise and personalize your sleeping space.

Room Decor

Helps to Manage Your Bed’s Height

Bed frames come in a variety of heights, with some being taller than others and others being lower. If you have a low-height bed, you can add a higher mattress, and if necessary, you can purchase a low-height mattress for your tall bed frame to maintain the height of your bed. Some people, such as the elderly or those with health issues, may require a bed that is tall enough for them to easily get on and off the bed without any struggle. In such cases, you can request that the mattress manufacturer adjust the height of your mattress. Furthermore, the height of your mattress can affect the quality of your sleep by providing the appropriate amount of cushioning and support.

Get Undisturbed & Cool Sleep

A good night's sleep is something that almost everyone desires and requires. But what is the most effective approach to get a good night's sleep? The key is an excellent mattress that provides uninterrupted and refreshing sleep. However, one mattress cannot meet everyone's needs, especially if you need one mattress for more than one person. Sleeping with your partner or children on the same bed can make sleeping difficult and cause you to feel crowded, resulting in sweating and overheating of you and your mattress. However, if you have a custom mattress, you, your partner, or your children will be able to have a sound sleep every night.

Better Sleep

Better Sleep Every Night

Whether you are an active sleeper or a light sleeper, it is crucial to find a mattress that works best for you. And if you've ever spent the night tossing and turning, you know how difficult it is to get a good night's sleep. Moreover, with all of the distractions in today's environment, it's no surprise that healthy sleep often falls to the side.One of the most common complaints people have is that they can't sleep on their old, out-of-date mattresses comfortably. They wake up in the morning with painful backs and necks because the mattresses they've had for years no longer give adequate support. This is why updating your mattress to a new high-quality custom mattress is essential for getting a good night's sleep. Also, you can sleep peacefully and have enough space to move or swap positions.

Where to Get the Custom Mattress?

We live in a world where technology is continually growing and the quality of life is improving. So, what's the deal with our inability to sleep? Why do so many individuals have back pain and snore? It's because we frequently forget that our bodies require sufficient support to sleep peacefully, and one of the most significant components of this is our mattress. Which is available in many components and constructions. To purchase a high-quality custom mattress in any shape or size, you just need to visit Durfi website and place your order. Every Durfi Mattress is available in custom sizes and shapes, including circle, triangle, rectangle, oval, or any other shape you like. Durfi provides the goodness of organic ingredients, the best foams and springs, and all in the sizes you require.

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