How Memory Foam Mattress Helps in Lumbar Pain

June 18, 2019

Humans are the only mammals that suffer from lower back pain. Currently, the percentage of the population suffering from lower back pain is as high as 73%. It seems that back pain is on the verge of becoming a national endemic. Clearly, there is something wrong somewhere. There is a growing concern about Lumbar Pain and that fact that it is affecting such a large part of our population. This has led to an increase in remedies to avoid as well as prevent Lumbar Pain. The remedies range from Medicines to exercises, yoga, etc. But, one often overlooked aspect is how we sleep and the effect of Sleep hygiene on Lumbar Pain. Let’s explore this aspect.

What actually causes Lumbar Pain

Before understanding how lumbar pain is associated with sleep, let me tell you some of the facts related to lumbar pain:

  • Generally, lumbar pain occurs due to stretch or strain in the tendons, ligaments, or muscles of the lower back.
  • Most of the sufferers of lower back pain are young people; in the age group of 16-34.
  • Some of the things that cause lower back pain include poor posture, poor nutrition, and an inactive lifestyle.

The common cause of Lower Back Pain is the prolonged sitting in a poor posture. The regular deformed posture of the spine often results in chronic lower back pain that worsens over time. Thus, you really need to be conscious of your posture and spine alignment. The above is a generally known fact. But what most people believe is that posture only refers to the way we sit the entire day. However, posture also includes the alignment of our spine while we sleep during the night. When you wake up in the morning and feel stiffness in the joints, accompanied by back pain, then you can assume that the way you slept during the night had something to do with it. So, you should not only be concerned about the posture that you adopt during the day, but during the night as well. Improper posture during any of these times can be a reason for Lumbar pain.

Glad you asked :)

But before answering, understand that humans have to maintain a natural S-shaped spine alignment during their sleep: head (supported by C-shaped cervical spine), shoulders (supported by C-shaped reversed thoracic spine), and hips (the C-shaped curved at the end). These points on spine form the shape of double “S”. If your spine alignment is in any shape other than “S”, it will cause pain in the back. Prolonged deformed alignment will worsen your back with time. There are chances that the spine may get permanently deformed as well.

Now, when you sleep on a very firm mattress, your spine will unnaturally straighten up in a line, which can result in major disturbance for your spine structure. Alternatively, when you sleep on a too Soft Mattress, your body sinks into the mattress that eventually results in making your spine curve abnormally in C shape, rather than S shape. Hence, both of the surfaces cannot support the body structure properly if you want your spine to be aligned.

Now that we have understood the relation of sleeping surface and spine alignment, it is highly likely that if you’re sleeping on the surface that does not support the natural body posture, it will only make your body suffer more with time. If you don’t want to suffer more, then it is the right time to change your sleeping surface; your mattress :)

Memory Foam Mattress can curb your back pain

With the invention of memory foam by NASA, there is an opportunity for you to improve your sleeping posture while sleeping as well.

A sleeping surface that contours to the body shape is what you need. Most importantly, back pain sufferers need a mattress that provides just the right support for your body structure.

That is where a medium-firm Memory Foam Mattress comes in.

India’s #1 Cotton Candy Orthopedic Back Care Memory Foam Mattress designed by Durfi is the medium-firm mattress that provides the right support while sleeping, especially for people suffering from lower back pain.

Durfi Mattress provides the firm feel that doctors generally recommend for orthopedic patients, with the back support base layer of ReActive foam. Moreover, the cushiony feel of Cotton Candy Memory foam layer assists in maintaining the natural spine alignment and relieving the pain from the pressure points of the body as well.

Lastly, the “bounce back” property of memory foam after the pressure is removed from the surface helps in contouring your body shape and gives you the proper support at every pressure point. Durfi mattress will give you comfortable and painless sleep throughout the night.

Effortless Sleep With Durfi Mattress

It is not easy to live with lower back pain that constantly hinders your daily trivial tasks. However, when sleeping becomes a task as well, it requires attention. Since, your body restores and heals during sleep, consider sleeping as the best possible solution for lower back pain. Assist this healing process with Durfi mattress. Now you can be sure that you are in your best possible position while sleeping on Durfi mattress.

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