How Online Selling Mattresses Have Changed The Customer Approach To Better Sleep Than Traditional Cotton Mattress?

June 21, 2021

Who would have ever thought that a mattress can be bought ONLINE with just a mere click?

Something that was considered impractical and impossible just a few years back.

Well, it’s happening today, all thanks to advanced computing technologies, easy delivery processes, generous return policies, and a host of abundant add-ons.

Welcome to the virtual world of online selling mattresses!!

Online selling mattresses are rapidly gaining attention from consumers and are altering their approach to better sleep in ways that were unthinkable a few years back.

In the post-COVID era, consumers wanting to buy mattresses had two options. Either they go to the nearest mattress store for shopping or go shopping online. But with the after-effects of COVID still lingering on, consumers are finding the latter option more beneficial and value-for-money as well. Further, consumers today are far more comfortable making even big purchases over the Internet and are also more likely to make handsome cost savings, than an in-store purchase.

What Made Online Selling Mattresses a Hit With Customers?

Better computing technologies and convenient add-ons offered by mattress makers like ‘Online Bed in a box’ have changed the way customers think about buying mattresses. Also, it has altered their approach to better sleep as well with attractive add-ons like:

Trial Period

Most online selling mattresses today offer some type of trial period. This gives customers plenty of time to test out the mattress in the comfort of their home.

Easy Returns

Within their trial period, the customers can return the mattress in exchange for a better replacement if they do not find the comfort that they were expecting from the mattress. The return process is also simple and easy in most cases.

Flexible Payment Options

From no-cost EMI to cash-back offers and exclusive discounts in festival seasons, customers today have plenty of options to make the best buy at a budget that is convenient for them.

Free Shipping

Customers have the luxury of their purchase shipped and delivered free of cost at their doorsteps within a specified time period.

Warranty Period

In most cases, online selling mattresses offer 10-year limited warranties, with the period varying from brand to brand.

Customers also prefer to research before buying anything and hence are well-acquainted with the kind of purchase they decide to make. Buying online allows them to access more customer reviews and testimonials. As a result, they have the benefit of getting a new mattress that offers them better sleep compared to traditional cotton mattresses. What more, they also have the luxury of getting the mattress upgraded with no hassle, from online selling mattresses they trust.

Also, online selling mattresses means that customers have the chance to connect with their brand whenever they want to throughout the day, on their own terms. And likewise, online selling mattresses' brands too have the opportunity to proactively connect with the customers through varied means ranging from push notifications to emails and so on.

Buying The Best

For better sleep, customers should invest their money in favor of a reputed online selling mattress brand that makes mattresses for their body type with proper research and development.

If you’re looking for the best mattress brand that not only cares for you but also promises you better sleep than traditional cotton mattresses, then look no further than DURFI.

Durfi manufactures mattresses ranging from Cotton Candy Memory Foam Mattress to Hybrid Mattress and Hemp Seed Mattress. As one of the leading brands that manufacture mattresses after consultation with sleep and health experts, Durfi not only cares about your satisfaction but also cares about your sleep and overall health. The quality standards and post-sale support that Durfi offers are unparalleled and will further guarantee wholesome satisfaction.

Remember, when you want better sleep, just think of Durfi, as it is a brand that cares about your sleep and offers mattresses that are crafted to provide you better sleep, and consequently, better health.

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