How Wrong Sleeping Position Can Affect the Health

October 01, 2020

As sound and uninterrupted sleep are necessary for a healthy lifestyle, so is the sleeping position. Sleeping in the wrong position can have a negative impact on the overall health of a person. It may block the airways to the lungs, which can lead to issues such as obstructive sleep apnea. Also, it can aggravate or cause back or neck pain. Ignoring the right sleeping position can have harmful effects on the body.

Here are some of the issues that are caused by the wrong sleeping position and can affect sleep.

Neck Pain

Many studies support that sleeping weirdly on the back can cause immense neck or back pain. It can also cause body stiffness, pain in ligaments, and inflexibility. People who sleep wrongly on the back can provoke strain on the neck, back, and hip areas of the body. This can lead to irreversible damages. Also, using an incorrect type of pillow can be the reason for the sore neck and back. It is best to sleep on the right advised back position on a pain-relieving mattress for a good night's sleep.

Impaired Circulation

Sleeping on the right side embeds pressure on the blood vessels which leads to a disruptive blood circulation while sleeping. Also, placing the hands behind the head puts exuberance pressure on the shoulders which can lead to nerve damage. Sleeping on the left side or elevating the leg is the best position for proper blood circulation in the body.

Shoulder and Hip Issues

A mattress that is too firm or too soft can cause pain in the hip and shoulder. Putting a pillow between the legs while sleeping on the side can be helpful. An incorrect sleeping position can not only cause shoulder and hip issues but can also lead to mental stress. You can assure a pain-free night and fresh wake-up with the correct mattress which supports the right sleeping position.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is one of the most common sleep disorders. In this disorder, a person abnormally snores loud due to lack of breath. Mainly, sleep apnea occurs when a person sleeps weirdly on the back for long hours. It affects the process of breathing, which leads to loud snores. Sleeping on the side position is considered good for sleep apnea. It is also advisable not to smoke and make sure that there is good air circulation in the room while sleeping.


Incorrect sleeping positions can cause pain and discomfort. It can also lead to insomnia, which is one of the leading causes of fatigue. Without a night of uninterrupted and sound sleep, the brain doesn't get the much-needed rest. This can lead to fatigue and a lot more physical and mental issues. A night of proper sleep is crucial for the proper functioning of the body.

How Durfi Comes as a Solution

It is essential to take care of the sleeping position for sound and good health. There are a lot of methods through which a person can support the sleeping position and selecting a good mattress is one of them. Opt for Durfi and all your difficulties are solved. Durfi provides a Mattress that works according to body type and sleep style. The mattress is firm enough to support the back, hip, and neck areas of the body. It provides a sufficient amount of support to sleep like a baby. Also, Durfi presents zero partner disturbance and proper air circulation for a night of comfortable and relaxed sleep.

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Durfi mattress supports most of the Sleeping Types like back position, side position, stomach position, fetal position, etc. It is designed in such a way that it provides a comfortable sleep throughout the night without tossing and turning. Durfi mattress is the best option for people who love to sleep, no matter what type of sleeper they are.

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