In this Sleep Awareness Week, Know 7 Sleep Facts

March 07, 2020

Sleep Awareness Week is celebrated every year from March 8 to March 14 by The National Sleep Foundation. This is celebrated to bring the focus back on sleep and to encourage people to prioritize sleep.

In today’s busy life, sleep has really become a luxury. The number of sleeping hours is regularly reducing. In those reduced hours also, the quality of the sleep is not up to the mark. This impacts the overall physical and mental well being of the individuals. And, this is why Sleep Awareness Week is so important that everyone can try to get the focus back on proper sleep.

To celebrate this Sleep Awareness Week, Durfi team has gathered some interesting sleep-related facts to make you more aware of this important daily regimen.

1. Exercising Makes it Easier to Fall Asleep

If you face trouble falling asleep, then try doing some light exercise before hitting the sack. Yoga especially works wonders. Let Yoga relax your body for a few minutes before going to bed and you will be able to fall asleep quickly and will also experience a much better quality of sleep.

2. During Sleep, Your Brain is Active

Brain never sleeps, even when you are sleeping. This is why you see all those weird dreams while sleeping. This is not something you need to worry about, just be aware of this fact. And, if you are constantly getting bad dreams, try to sleep in a happy mood.

3. The Older You Get, the Fewer Hours of Sleep You Need

You must have seen infants sleeping 12-14 hours a day. There is even a phrase around it: “Sleep like a baby”. When we are young, we need many more hours of sleep, but as our age progresses, the number of sleeping hours required reduces. A good 6-7 hours of sleep is still a must.

4. Snoring is the Primary Cause of Sleep Disruption

If you feel disturbed during the night or wake up multiple times while sleeping, ask your partner if you snore. Snoring is the major cause of sleep disruption. And, it impacts both the partners. There are methods to reduce snoring and help sleep peacefully.

5. Nap is Healthy Practice

Taking a quick nap during the day is a very healthy practice. In fact, in some cultures, it is encouraged. So, if you feel too sleepy during the day and feel a strong urge to sleep, then you don’t have to avoid that urge. Find a peaceful corner and take a quick nap. You will wake up refreshed and the rest of the day would be even more productive.

6. Music Helps you fall asleep

Music is known to stimulate brain cells in various ways. If you listen to Calming Music in slow volume while falling asleep, it can help your brain relax more, uplift your mood, and consequently improve the quality of the sleep. Of course, it might be better to turn off the music once you are actually asleep; so use a music playing app that can automatically turn off after a set time.

7. Your Mattress Plays Vital Role in your Healthy Sleep

You have taken care of exercise, improved the ambience of the mood with light music, and taken care of everything else; but still, you are not experiencing good sleep? The missing piece of the puzzle is your mattress. Ultimately that is what you will sleep on. So, if your mattress is not comfortable, is too stiff, sagging at multiple places, its springs make noise when you toss and turn, then you are not going to have a comfortable sleep. When you start working on improving the quality of your sleep, the first thing you need to do is switch your mattress to a better one. Our preferred choice is Durfi the perfect Orthopedic Mattress that is specially made for Indian back. Try it out to experience an improved level of sleeping.

We all have busy lives, but we really need to shut those off when the night falls. That is the time to prioritize sleep over everything else, which is exactly what the purpose of this Sleep Awareness Week Is. We hope these facts make you more aware of sleep during this Sleep Awareness week.

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