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Lemon Aromatherapy For a Good Night's Sleep

Lemon, a zesty, citrus fruit, comes with a number of benefits. It is associated with cleanliness and freshness and is used very commonly in our daily lives. We all know about the benefits of lemon when consumed in the morning with lukewarm water. Also, lemon is used in edible items, soaps, cosmetics, massage oils, and essential oils due to its energizing fragrance. But, do you know that lemon helps in enhancing sleep quality? Yes, lemon aromatherapy helps people in getting restful sleep.

Over the years, people have observed that lemon aromatherapy can be a reliable alternative to pharmaceutical interventions for sleep disturbances. For those people who struggle for a night of comfortable and relaxed asleep, lemon aromatherapy can be of great help. The fresh and citrus smell of the lemon has calming effects that help people to fall asleep easily.

The Power of Lemon Aromatherapy

Lemon aromatherapy comes with stimulating and soothing effects. It has anti-infection, detoxifying, disinfectant, astringent, antiseptic, and antifungal properties. Studies show that in just ten minutes, the lemon aroma can lower the heart rate helping to calm the mind and body for sleep. It has a positive impact on the body as it promotes serotonin, a happy hormone.

People around the globe have used lemon aromatherapy for hundreds of years as a natural remedy to improve health and wellness. The lemon aroma is produced from the highly concentrated essence that is extracted from the lemon plant. It contains powerful therapeutic properties that relax the body to attain a calm and relaxed sleep.

How Lemon Aromatherapy Affects the Good Night's Sleep

Lemon aromatherapy helps in numerous ways to reap health benefits, and promoting quality sleep is one of them. Using lemon aromatherapy at bedtime can help in tackling insomnia and encouraging better sleep.How Lemon Aromatherapy Affects the Good Night's Sleep

Let's see how lemon aromatherapy induces sleep.

Improves Air Quality

Lemon is a rich source of antioxidants and has antibacterial and detoxification properties that are effective methods to improve air quality. For a night of good quality sleep, you need fresh air. According to research, lemon aroma enhances the air quality of the room and makes it a bit more pleasant for restful sleep. Also, it improves the breathing process and clears the nostrils' passage. Lemon aromatherapy can be very helpful for people suffering from sinus or asthma, as it opens up the lung pathways.

Reduces Stress and Depression

Lemon is a natural stress-buster. Studies have found that lemon aromatherapy is a powerful mood-improving and calming agent which reduces stress and anxiety. Lemon essential oil is more effective at reducing stress and depression than other essential oils. Lemon aromatherapy regulates anxiety and mood swings and stimulates serotonin production in the body. Serotonin is the happy hormone that regulates mood and balances depression.

Improves Pressure Points

Lemon aromatherapy is a natural analgesic. Inhaling lemon aroma while sleeping can help to control rheumatoid arthritis and headache. According to NCBI (National Centre for Biotechnology Information), lemon aromatherapy improves how the brains respond to painful stimuli. The antidepressant and anti-stress effects of the aromatherapy helps the body to interpret the pain without panicking.

Reduces Blood Pressure

Studies suggest that lemon aromatherapy is one of the best remedies for stress and hypertension. As lemon contains Vitamin C, it acts as an antioxidant making the blood vessels flexible and soft. This helps in reducing blood pressure and regulating blood circulation in the body. Also, lemon aromatherapy removes free radicals from the body. It is believed that inhaling lemon essence while sleeping can clear chest congestion and improve blood flow.

Lemon aromatherapy has an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory ingredient that helps to boost the mood, find mental clarity, and reduces stress. With the lemon aromatherapy, you can create a soothing environment for a relaxed and comfortable sleep. Along with lemon aromatherapy, there is one more thing that needs to make your sleeping environment even better so that you can enjoy a night of uninterrupted sleep. And that thing is a good quality mattress. Durfi provides the best mattress for a night of comfortable sleep.

The Best Sleep Environment: Durfi + Lemon Aromatherapy

Durfi provides a medium-firm mattress that is made with innovative antimicrobial technology that prevents odor and the growth of stain-causing bacteria. The unique Cotton Candy Memory foam used in the mattress gives zero partners disturbance while sleeping. Also, the high-resilience foam boosts air circulation in the mattress that diverts excess heat from the body. The Durfi mattress is designed in such a way that it evenly distributes the body weight on the mattress providing perfect support to the pressure points.

So, hurry up, buy a Durfi mattress, sweeten your room with lemon fragrance and enjoy relaxed Zzzzzzzz!!!

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