Myths vs Facts - Memory Foam Mattress

August 06, 2019

Commonly, it can be seen that when something is successful, some myths inevitably float around it. The same is the case with memory foam mattresses. These mattresses have gained unprecedented popularity and have garnered their fair share of myths as well.

Let’s address some of them to do “Doodh ka doodh and paani ka paani”.

Myth 1 - It Sleeps Hot

This myth is related to the material that was previously used in making a memory foam mattress. Nowadays, memory foam mattresses are manufactured with advanced technology. This technology makes the foam porous and lighter that induces the airflow inside the mattress by more than 95%, as compared to the old memory foam mattress.

This quality is excellently delivered by Durfi mattress, which has two comfort layers. Both layers promote natural airflow through the materials. Also, the Cotton Candy Memory Foam layer diverts the heat away from the body.

Moreover, advanced memory foam mattresses, like Durfi, are encased within breathable covers that result in smooth airflow throughout the mattress. Sleeping hot is now just a myth.

Myth 2 - It Emits Toxic Gases and has a Foul Odor

This is another myth that is true a lot of times.

Many mattresses have materials like ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals. These materials can start emitting toxic gases or foul odor over some time.

So, you must go with a mattress that does not have these harmful chemicals.

Durfi mattress uses high-quality materials that do not have these chemicals. So, you can sleep relaxed, enjoying the aroma of your bedroom, instead of harmful fumes.

Myth 3 - It sags Over Time

Memory foam mattresses are associated with adjusting to the shape of the body and supporting the structure of the body. When you get up from the mattress, it is supposed to get back to its original natural shape.

However, that is not true for mattresses that are made of the inferior quality of memory foam. For those, the mattress develops a sag over a period of time.

High-quality mattresses, such as Durfi, are manufactured with a highly resilient and durable base structure. This base is designed to provide support to the structure of the body, relieving it from stiffness, and pain felt by orthopedic patients.

More importantly, it bounces back to its original shape when not in use, so that you can enjoy the same great mattress for years ahead.

Go for the company that provides a full decade of warranty.

Myth 4 - Memory Foam Mattress is Not good for Orthopedic Patients

This myth stems from the fact that people assume that “foam” mattresses are traditionally soft and do not provide the required firm support that an orthopedic patient might need.

This is actually not true for Memory foam mattresses. Despite it being labeled as “foam”, this is actually completely different. Memory foam was originally developed by NASA. The most prominent quality of memory foam is that it will support the body in its natural posture. So, instead of feeling like you are sleeping on a hard surface, you will feel support around your heavy areas, like, buttocks, shoulders, and back. Not only that, it lets your spine rest in its natural “S” shape, so that it is not artificially straightened throughout the night.

These properties actually make Memory Foam mattress the perfect choice for orthopedic patients. Even doctors recommend this mattress.

Myth 5 - It is too Expensive

This is not really a myth. It is actually true. But this is true only in the cases when the companies spend a lot of money on marketing the mattresses and then pay a high amount of middlemen commissions. So, they naturally have to sell the mattresses at exorbitant prices.

Luckily, there are new-age companies, that are more focused on spending money on R&D, instead of marketing, so that their product speaks for themselves. Moreover, they sell directly to customers, so that they don’t have to bear overhead expenses like dealer/distributor commission, showroom costs, etc.

Durfi is one such company, which has produced an awe-inspiring product but has managed to keep the costs low so that every Indian can now enjoy a comfortable sleep.

To Conclude

Myths about memory foam mattresses are generated with certain aspects that are usually associated with outdated/cheap materials, or primitive manufacturing processes.

Keeping in mind the requirements of every India, Durfi has designed India’s #1 Cotton Candy Orthopedic Care Memory Foam Mattress, with a focus on taking care of your sleeping pattern and giving you the most comfortable sleep in the night.

Durfi uses materials that are non-toxic and anti-allergenic. They are neither too soft nor too firm, hence keeps the mattress on a medium-firm level that is the best for orthopedic patients, as recommended by doctors.

So, now that you know that those myths are just that, go ahead and buy your favorite Durfi Mattress now.

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