Why Durfi Mattress Is the Best for Your Bedroom

January 23, 2019

A memory foam mattress is the perfect combination between firm support and soft comfort. Also, this type of mattress lasts the longest out of all other types. A few decades ago, in the 90’s, Memory Foam Mattresses used to be an innovation people were skeptical at trying out. But now, a good mattress means, memory foam.

Why Durfi’s Memory Foam Mattress Is The Best For Your Bed

Durfi Mattress

Durfi’s Memory Foam Mattress are scientifically made to suit every body type, every weight category, and support every sleeping posture. The mattresses are durable and comfortable.


Memory foam is just one of the layers that go in a memory foam mattress. There are multiple layers of hand-picked premium materials that come together to make Durfi memory foam mattress. Durfi’s layers are designed to keep in mind the needs of every type of person.

Durfi Mattress Layer

The Uppermost Layer

The first layer is the 400GSM hypoallergenic fabric to ensure comfort for sensitive skin. The antibacterial properties of this layer ensure you do not get dust allergies or rashes from your mattress.

The Layer That Lets You Breathe

The next layer is a thicker one with premium high GSM cotton that surrounds the mattress on the sides. It is quilted for comfort and the layer totally allows air to pass, so that you don’t wake up sweating. It is very likely that skin irritation and rashes are caused because your skin cannot breathe when you sleep. You won’t experience that problem with Durfi mattress.

The Back Support Layer

The third layer from the bottom is the base layer for back support, made with reactive foam. This thick, durable layer does not contain ozone depleters, it is eco-friendly. It is also totally free from heavy metals such as lead and mercury. This layer not only supports your back, it does so without polluting the air in your bedroom. Yes, some Mattresses contribute toxins in your room. Durfi mattresses don’t.

Comfort Layer

The next layer is thin but made from 100% high resilient material. It gives the mattress its tenacity. It ensures the mattress won’t sag when pressure is applied. It also adds to the comfort with its free air flow technology.

Cotton Candy Memory Foam Layer

Memory Foam

This is not the main part of the mattress just because this is a memory foam layer. All the layers together make a Memory Foam Mattress. Durfi’s cotton candy memory foam layer is comfortable because it balances out excess bounces and also keeps you comfortable all night by keeping heat away from you. The bamboo charcoal in this layer absorbs any odor that might be on the mattress, so that it does not reach the outer layer.

Anti-Skid Layer

Isn’t it annoying when you try to move around in your bed and wake up to see your bed sheet is hanging outside the bed by an inch? You tuck it in place every day, and every night it skids out. That won’t happen with Durfi Mattresses because the base layer is a 100% organic cotton layer with an anti-skid pattern. It keeps the mattress as well as bed sheet in place no matter how much you move around in your sleep. This layer is also dust, mite, and insect repelling.

People who know about all kinds of mattresses go for memory foam mattresses because they know this is best for their spine and muscles. People who do not know much about mattresses but do a thorough trial before buying one, and end up liking the memory foam mattresses because they are clearly more comfortable.

Durfi’s mattress is an enhanced memory foam mattress that combines the goodness of memory foam with a lot of other premium materials to further add to the comfort and support.

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