Our Story of creating New Durfi Hybrid Pocket Spring Mattress

December 10, 2020

Welcome to the world of Durfi mattress!

Just like eating healthy and exercising, a night of good sleep is equally important.

After a long tiring day, nothing is sweeter than a night of comfortable and uninterrupted sleep. The moment a person enters the room, they should feel like they have entered heaven. The moment they get onto the bed, they should feel like they are in a different world altogether.

We, at Durfi, are in a constant endeavor to make sleep better for everyone. Towards this, Durfi has created yet another revolutionary product: Durfi Hybrid Pocket Spring Mattress.

To understand more about this new Hybrid Mattress, and the idea behind the creation of this mattress, we decided to pick the brains of the two most important persons in our team who were the driving force behind this mattress.

We had a candid chat with Jatinder Rana (Product Development Manager) and Balasubramanyam SV (General Manager) to understand more about the Hybrid Mattress.

So, let's start……

Where does the idea of creating a Hybrid Mattress come from?

Jatinder: We tried looking for a mattress in India, which is not just comfortable, but also provides therapeutic support. Unfortunately, most of the mattresses that we tested were either of bad quality or had a false claim of being a hybrid mattress. After the successful launch of the Durfi Original Orthopedic mattress, our team of researchers and developers started exploring options with the aim of making a genuine hybrid mattress that provides a better sleep experience.

How is it made and how many layers are there in the mattress?

Jatinder: Durfi Hybrid mattress has been carefully developed to be the best hybrid mattress in India. We have handpicked quality materials from the very first layer, which is premium knitted fabrics, to the last layer of the mattress, which is made with organic anti-skid fabric. The Durfi Hybrid Mattress is equipped with our famous Cotton Candy Memory Foam, Pure High Resilient Foam, and heat-treated Carbide Tungsten Pocket Springs, along with motion buffer technology that offers impeccable comfort.

How is the Durfi Hybrid mattress different from the original Durfi mattress?

Balu: Durfi's original mattress is aimed to provide the ultimate orthopedic support. It has the base support of a firmer OrthoFoam, which is why the mattress feels firmer when compared with the Durfi Hybrid Mattress, which has base support of carbide tungsten heat treated pocket springs that give a medium-firm feel. Both of these mattresses have a different comfort profile and now our shoppers get even more options for customized comfort based on their comfort preference.

What makes Durfi Hybrid Mattress better than other Hybrid mattresses in the market?

Balu: We all understand that a well-rested body increases productivity, enhances focus, and reduces fatigue to keep you active all day long. Therefore, after careful testing and understanding of the need for a suitable and sustainable mattress, we introduced the Durfi Hybrid mattress. We have used our patented high-density memory foam, which is cooler than most of the memory foam mattresses, in a combination with the heat-treated carbide tungsten pocket springs that eliminates partner disturbance. Also, the Durfi Hybrid Mattress is economical than most of the other hybrid mattresses available in the market.

These are the excerpts from our candid chat with the Durfi team. If you have any questions, for the Durfi team, do let us know via email / social media channels and we’ll try to get answers for those.

You can explore Durfi Hybrid Pocket Spring Mattress here.

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