Quirky, Weird but Interesting Sleep Facts

September 24, 2020

Getting a good night’s sleep is very important for the health and well being of a person. On average, humans spend one-third of their life sleeping.

Here are some quirky facts about sleep that might surprise you:

1. 12% of People Dream in Black and White

Around 12% of the world's population dreams in black and white. It might appear weird that anyone can experience colorless dreams in an era of high-definition television. But, it is true. Earlier, when color television was not introduced, people tend to see black and white dreams. That is the reason why older people more often dream in black and white than younger people.

2. Approximately 15% of the World's Population are Sleepwalkers

According to the National Sleep Foundation, approximately 15% of the people walk while sleeping. In this situation, the body of the person is in a state of sleep, but the mind is capable of controlling the movements and helping the person to walk in familiar territory. Also, it’s a myth that the person walking in sleep should not wake up.

3. Within Five Minutes of Waking up, a Person Forgets 50% of the Dreams

Within five minutes of waking up, a person forgets approximately 50% of the dreams. While trying to remember fragments of the dream, another five minutes lead to approximately 90% loss of recollection. Sigmund Freud believed that dreams indicate thoughts that a person represses in the minds. That is why the brain gets rid of that thought quickly.

4. Blind People Experience Dreams Involving Things like Emotion, Smell, and Sound Rather than Sight

People who are blind from the time of birth or those who lost their vision at a young age don't have visual or imagery in their dreams.

5. Waking up Multiple Times While Sleeping is Normal

It is completely normal to wake up multiple times at night. Studies suggest that a person wakes up as many as eight times throughout the night as the person cycles between light, deep, and REM sleep.

6. Humans are the Only Mammal that Can Delay Sleep

Every mammal on the planet earth has a set sleep pattern, except for humans. Humans are the only mammals who have the ability to delay sleep.

7. People Experience Less Pain in Sleep

Studies have found that disturbed sleep may increase the pain and reduce the sensitivity to tolerate the pain. However while sleeping, the muscles, joints, and tendons go in a state of relaxation. The brain partially shuts down and resettles itself during sleep.

8. Babies Sleep for the Longest Time

Newborn babies need sleep of fourteen to eighteen hours a day. This amount of sleep is sufficient for a newborn baby's normal development. There are quite short times of wakefulness while sleeping.

9. Sleep Cleanses the Brain

When we sleep, cerebrospinal fluid washes through the brain to flush away the day’s worth of excess proteins and harmful toxins.

10. Creaking Mattress Are Culprit for Chronic Back Pain

Creaking sound arises from a worn-out old mattress. This is a sign of poor support which often leads to back ache and pain. When the coils of the mattress are unable to support the weight correctly, they distort the natural spinal alignment. This can result in pain around the neck, back, and hip area of the body.

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11. Mattress is a Go-To Spot for Thieves

We all have heard the saying of hiding the money under the mattress, and so have thieves and burglars. One of the most common places that thieves look for hidden money is under the mattress.

However, sleeping on piles of cash is bad for the back and can result in major spine alignment issues in the future :)

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12. Bonus Fact: Durfi is the Secret of Healthy Sleep

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Before going to sleep, here is another interesting fact for you The Fear of Sleep is called Somniphobia.

Enjoy sleeping!!

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