Should Your Pillow Be Hard? Or Soft? Or Both?

January 14, 2020

Getting a peaceful sleep is bliss and so is resting on the perfect pillow. Your pillow is important because when you sleep on the right pillow, you sleep tight and wake up bright. It can really affect the way you go about every day.

Do you know that you use that little fluffy thing for as many as 2500 hours a year!

So, your pillow isn’t just something to put your head-on. It is much more than that. So, let’s do some Pillow Talk.

Isn’t Pillow Meant Just for My Comfort?

Your pillow is not just for your comfort, it impacts your health too. If you haven’t chosen the right one, then your pillow can hurt you.

Too hard or too soft pillows can go hand in hand with pain. Sleeping on your back with a pillow that is too hard will distress your neck. It could give you a stiff neck in no time. A really soft pillow can make your neck sink into a pool of discomfort. Beyond the pain, a faulty pillow can attract mites and allergens too. And, these are enough to trigger asthma.

So, no, a pillow is not just about your comfort.

So, what type of pillow do I need? Hard or Soft?

A goodnight’s sleep demands a pillow with the right amount of comfort. Some people love to sleep on really soft pillows. Soft pillows with fluffy fillings give you the feeling of sleeping on feathers. But because they are lightweight, they may not provide the adequate support needed. While too soft pillows get flattened, over time, with the pressure of the head, the firm ones tend to maintain their loft. Firm pillows ideally provide good support to the head, neck, and back.

Stomach sleepers usually prefer soft pillows while side sleepers would prefer a firm one.

Sadly, one kind of pillow can’t work for everyone. You may not be living alone at home. Your family members may have a sleeping posture and comfort requirement different from yours.

What’s the Solution?

We’d say that a pillow that is soft and hard at the same time would be ultimate. The solution then, in fact, the healthiest one, is Durfi Dual Comfort Pillow. It comes with dual comfort: Firm on one side and soft on the other.

After rigorous testing, Durfi Dual Comfort Pillow was developed to be well-balanced. It is soft on one side and firm on the other. With Durfi Dual Comfort Dr. Pillow, you don’t have to buy multiple pillows as per the sleeping postures or varying comfort needs. This pillow understands your sleeping habits. Whether your neck demands a soft feel or firm support, Durfi Dual Comfort Pillow is always at your service. It lets you choose the side that is right for you with just a simple flip.

Gotcha. Anything else I need to know?

Sometimes, the best pillow isn’t the one that just supports your body. The build quality matters too. Usually, when people buy a pillow from a random store, little do they realize the quality and material of the fabric. When the material is poor, people can’t be sure of what’s touching their faces. And that’s one of the reasons for acne breakout, respiratory problems, and many more. The happy news is that Durfi Dual Comfort Pillow is made from ultra-sensitive hypoallergenic fabric. The material is capable of absorbing moisture. On top of that, this pillow is smooth to touch.

Before you go...

Here’s something more you should know. While your mattress is your sleep companion, your pillow is your dream pad. The dual comfort pillow is doubly satisfying. It lets you control your comfort the way you want. Probably this is why Durfi Dual Comfort Pillow is loved by so many happy sleepers.

So, are you ready to be a happy sleeper? Go ahead and order your dream pad today from Durfi. You will thank us later.

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