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Sleep: A powerful Weapon Against Flu

The change in the seasons mark the impending arrival of the season of flu. Every year, on average, 5 to 20% of the population gets infected by the flu. But the good news is that one of the most powerful and effective weapons against the flu is free of cost and available to everyone. It is none other than SLEEP.

Believe it or not, but sleep is a powerful weapon to fight against the virus. It works for people of all age groups.

It is a tough task to sleep with the uneasiness of a sore throat and stuffy nose, but a good and relaxed sleep helps the body to get proper rest. A relaxed and comfortable sleep activates the natural defense mechanism of the body to combat the flu.

Is Sleep Really the Defense Mechanism Against the Flu?

Besides dietary supplements or medicines, there is research and evidence that proves that sleep is essential for maintaining short-term and long-term health. It helps in preventing or recovering from the flu. Also, it is a well-known fact that sleep deprivation unlocks the door to an extensive range of ailments by weakening the immune system of the body. The reason behind this is that a lack of proper sleep inhibits the natural immune system of the body to work properly. It was found by the researchers of Carnegie Mellon University that the more a person sleeps, the less likely they are to get sick.

How Sleep Helps to Fight the Flu

Mom's advice to “get some sleep” for handling the flu is actually the best medicine. Sleep is connected with a brain protein, known as AcPb, which has shown to speed up recovery from the flu.

Another part of the flu and sleep equation is tied to the fever, which is often a part of the ailment. Normally, fever tends to rise at nighttime while sleeping. And coincidentally this is the time when the body goes in the repair mode. If a person is short at sleep, then the body will not be in the prime fighting condition. Also, those people who are short on sleep will not get the maximum advantage from the flu shots. An insufficient amount of sleep suppresses the natural immune system of the body and develops some antibodies, which result in a long time to respond to immunizations.

A solution for all these issues is to get a sufficient amount of sleep so that the body will be able to do its work. Sleep strengthens the immune system of the body to the maximum and helps the body to fight off the flu and make a faster recovery.

Must dos To Treat the Flu

If a person ends up catching the flu, here are some tips for the speedy recovery from the flu.

  • Stay at home

  • Wash hands often

  • Keep the body hydrated

  • Cover mouth and nose with a tissue while sneezing or coughing

  • Boost the zinc intake

  • Bump up the ginseng

  • Get steamy

  • Get proper rest

  • Visit a doctor

Final Words

The body naturally craves for proper sleep when suffering from the flu. Give the body a comfortable and relaxed sleep on a comforting sleep mattress from Durfi. Sleep works as wonders to fight against infections. So, buy the best mattress in India to optimize the sleep and protect yourself with infections and diseases.

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