Sleeping With Makeup On: Good or Bad?

November 30, 2020

It is an undeniable fact that applying makeup can completely transform the look of a woman, making her look more radiant, glorious, and divine.

Applying makeup while going out is a good idea, but sleeping without removing the makeup is a horrible idea. For a lot of reasons, falling asleep with the makeup on is harmful to the skin. One does not require a degree in dermatology to understand that sleeping with the makeup on is a terrible thing for the skin. Studies conducted by experts suggest that sleeping with the makeup on can lead to heinous results on the skin and beauty.

Sleeping with makeup can result in bumps and clogged pores, puffy eyes, dull skin, and aggravated skin. Despite these things, we all have been guilty of forgetting to remove the makeup before going to sleep at one point or another because, well, tiredness prevails.

How Sleeping with Makeup On is Bad?

The idea quite often crossed our minds that what is the harm in crashing out without washing off the makeup just once? Well, it can be more harmful than you might think. Going to sleep without washing the face is bad news and can have cumulative harmful effects on the skin. To know the gravity of how badly sleeping with makeup on can affects the skin, read on.

Eye Irritation

It is always suggested by dermatologists to remove eye makeup before going to bed as it can cause eye inflammation, dryness, corneal abrasions, infection, irritation, and eyelid redness. It is because the makeup particles rub against the surface of the eye. So, always remove the eye makeup before snoozing off.

Chapped Lips

Applying a good shade of lipstick enhances your look completely. But the sad part is that leaving it for too long can zap the pout of moisture resulting in dry and chapped lips. Sleeping with lipstick on is a bad idea. A lot of lipstick contains drying or mattifying elements, which can wipe out the natural moisture of the lips. Instead of lipsticks, it is better to reach for a hydrating lip balm.

Leads to Acne Issues

Just like the hearts, the skin never stops working. Dr. Harold Lancer, Beverly Hills dermatologist points to the fact that the skin is always at work. Human skin is made up of protein, lipids, water, different chemicals, and minerals. The skin pores allow us to secrete sebum and sweat, which act as a natural lubricant to moisturize the skin and remove dead skin cells. Applying heavy makeup blocks the pores and restricts them from releasing sebum. This may cause larger pores and acne. Also, the mechanical pressure of the face on a pillow can smash the makeup into hair follicles, which can lead to clogged pores acne. So, if you wish to keep your skin acne-free, lose a few minutes of shut-eye to remove the contour, foundation, or any kind of makeup applied on the face.

Damages Skin Cells

Sleeping with the makeup on damages the skin cells. This skin damage stems from makeup practices as it traps environmental pollutants and free-radicals. It can also lead to premature skin aging. Crashing out with makeup not only causes clog pores and blemish but also speeds up the aging process.

Final Words

Even if you are super tired, always remember to remove makeup and wash the face thoroughly before heading to bed. Follow this routine to enjoy the natural glow of the skin. Cleanse your face at least twice a day, definitely your skin will thank you later and will make the world fall for your flawless beauty. So, from the next time, always ensure to remove the makeup before hitting the bed.

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