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This Women's Day, Rise and Shine Healthy with Durfi

International Women’s Day is celebrated on the 8th of March every year to acknowledge the achievements of women in different fields.

While everybody is appreciating women on this International Women’s Day, Durfi is taking a step further to care for their health by providing them with the best combination of support and comfort after an eventful day. We try to make the night peaceful and comfortable so that every woman can wake up refreshed and win the day. We care about all those sleepless nights and ensure the overall well being.

Let us tell you more about it.

Let’s just accept the fact that women are different from men; this doesn’t mean that women are inferior or superior to men. Even though women are superior, we are OK to believe in the concept of equality ;). We understand their different needs and preferences when it comes to their sleep experiences.

According to the National Sleep Foundation reports, women are more likely to have problems falling and staying asleep than men. There are also different factors that affect women’s sleep patterns and quality like they need more sleep during pregnancy, may suffer from back pain after having children, feel exhausted during menopause, etc.

So, keeping all these factors in mind, Durfi creates the Best Mattress For Women providing them with the required support and comfort at night.

These mattresses are also made after consulting many doctors and sleep experts.

Here are some of the amazing features of Durfi Mattress that makes it best mattress for women:


We all know that women are support systems for our families. Be it the role of mother, wife, daughter, or sister, over the years women show their excellence in all roles and relations. But do you ever wonder how we can support women?

Durfi takes the responsibility of providing support regardless of weight and body structure. With Durfi cotton candy Memory Foam Mattress, you can enjoy your sleep without any pain or pressure in the body. It provides you with strength by supporting your body throughout the night and makes you feel cozy while you sleep. It makes sure that your spine is aligned, irrespective of the sleeping postures and position.

So, to get the best support in your support system’s life, buy Durfi now!


Women’s love is unconditional, she makes you feel comfortable in all possible ways. The only time she gets for herself to relax is while sleeping, so the sleeping environment should be comfortable and restful.

For this, Durfi makes a comfortable mattress that gives you a cozy feel when you sleep. It has a comfort layer along with the foam layer to ensure your peaceful and sound sleep

Health Benefits

Being busy with so many responsibilities, most women neglect their health, but Durfi can solve this problem.

Durfi Cotton Candy Memory Foam Mattress is an orthopedic mattress that is designed to support your back and comfort your pressure points. Durfi not only cares about your back and spine, but the hypoallergenic layer of this mattress also protects you from dust mites and bed germs.


Apart from all these benefits, Durfi mattress comes with a 10-year warranty. Isn’t it amazing that you can appreciate your special women in life by giving her good 10-years of support and comfort at an affordable price?

This International Women’s Day, appreciate her efforts with a warm hug and Durfi!!

Bottom Line

To all the women out there, Durfi appreciates your all-day effort at work and home and wants to give you a restful sleep at night. Not only this International Women’s Day, Durfi believes that every day should be dedicated to the celebration of womanhood. So, get yourself or present your special lady a Gift of Durfi to rise and shine healthy and happy every day.

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