Tips to Clean Your Mattress

January 10, 2020

When was the last time you cleaned your mattress? People often overlook the task of keeping their sleeping environment fresh, healthy, and clean. Cleaning your mattress is as important as cleaning your body and home because that’s the one place you spend one-third of your life.

The task of cleaning your mattress may seem a little difficult. So, we’re here to make your work easier with 6 mind-blowing tips to keep your mattress effortlessly clean, healthy and safe.

Wash Your Bedsheets Regularly

Here’s the gross truth! Dirty bedsheets can be a big reason for several allergies and health issues. So, cleaning bedsheets or bed covers will always be a great start for cleaning your mattress. It’s not easy to wash a mattress but, for sure, you can wash your bedsheet regularly as it is the first layer your body comes in contact with while you are sleeping.

Let it Get Sunshine

get sunshine

This might not be possible every day, but you can at least take the mattress to the terrace and lay it on a clean cloth, once every two months during summer and winter. Make sure it is not a cloudy day, but a sunny one. Also, check that both sides of the mattress get at least two hours of direct sunlight. Believe it or not but this will leave your mattress clean and fresh!

Baking Soda and Deodorize

protect your mattress

Another great thing you can do is sprinkle some baking soda on the mattress. The baking soda will not only help in cleaning the mattress more efficiently but it will also remove any bad odour. To do this, you can use a strainer to sprinkle the baking soda in a more uniform way. You can also add some essential oils. These will wipe out the bad smell, replacing it with a good one, and disinfect the mattress at the same time. Let the baking soda and essential oil sit for at least 30 minutes. If you can leave it for longer than 30 minutes, that would be great. After that, vacuum the mattress, making sure that you do all of the crevices and not leave any kind of powder on the mattress.

Get a Hypoallergenic Protective Layer

mattress hypoallergenic protective layer

Washing the mattress is not an easy task and let’s just admit that we can’t do it. Therefore, adding a well-fitted protective layer that will keep the mattress safe from all possible types of stains would be the best idea.

Mattress Protectors are really useful if you want to keep your mattress as good as new. You cannot avoid spills, no matter how careful you are. So, it is better to have a protector and live a carefree life instead. The protector not only protects the mattress against the accidental spills but it also protects it against bacteria and allergens if you would go for hypoallergenic one.

For this, Durfi offers one of the best hypoallergenic protectors which keep you and your mattress healthy and fresh.


clean your mattress

Another interesting way to keep your mattress clean and fresh is by rotating the mattress once in a while. This will remove the dust and dirt from the mattress that may accumulate due to environmental factors.

Let the Mattress Breathe

Some people have the bad habit of keeping the original wrapping on for as long as possible. To break the myth for you, doing so will not protect your mattress; instead, it will stink it up! Just like you, the fabric too needs fresh air. So, take off the wrapping as soon as the mattress arrives on the bed.

Also, some people like to cover the mattress as much as possible to save it from stains. But you need to just relax. Sometimes it’s okay to let the mattress breath as we all do.


A Mattress is not only the place where we go to sleep at night but also the place where we go when we feel sick, tired, or simply when we want to relax. So, taking care of your mattress, cleaning it once in a month, and keeping it healthy is the best we can do for our sleep companion.

Happy sleeping on a clean and healthy mattress!!

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