Valentine's Day Gift Idea for Your Loved One: Mattress

February 13, 2019

Valentine’s Day always sneaks upon us while we are busy with our hectic lives, and at the last minute, we try to find a suitable and memorable gift to buy. Most of the time we end up with something of merely aesthetic value, without having any functional purpose in our daily lives. Chocolates, souvenirs, lingerie; those are the common last-minute picks that our minds go to.

The hidden gem of a gift is a mattress. Not many people realize how much of an awesome gift a mattress can be.

It is not the most obvious gift at first glance but let's change your mind by telling you why a mattress is the best gift this Valentine’s Day.

Why is Mattress a Game Changer Gift on Valentine’s Day?

Here are some of the reasons why a mattress is a great idea to gift your loved ones:

Most used item (after phone, of course)

A mattress is a very intimate gift for a loved one. Apart from its cosmetic and aesthetic value, it is a very functional item, unlike stupid roses, chocolates, souvenirs, lingerie-or toys which are a complete waste of funds. It is a fact that we spend more time on a mattress than any other furniture in the household. Buying a good mattress as a gift for your loved one will help in developing trust, empathy, and deepening the bond of your relationship.

Improves Sex Life

A good mattress will no doubt improve your sex life and this is a scientifically proven fact. Most of the times we are so busy with our daily hectic lives that we end up losing the spark from the relationship. So, what is the solution? The simplest solution is usually the one that is hidden away- get a good night of sleep. Inadequate sleep is often the cause of a waning sex life.

According to a study done by the University of Chicago, the results showed that men who slept less had a substantial lower production of testosterone, the hormone most directly related to one’s sex drive and desires. Women were no exception either, and the results proved the same, with those who got a poor night’s sleep saying that they were 20% less likely to initiate sex than those who had a sound night of sleep.

Improves Relationship

The mood balancing hormone is found in both men and women and replenished only by sleep. Getting sound and high-quality sleep increases the levels of serotonin (Hormone of happiness) and this in turn makes one’s life more fun, invigorating, and emotionally satisfying.

This improves the emotional, professional, physical as well as the psychological aspects’ of yours as well as your partner’s life, and in turn, advances you as a couple.

Best Relaxation Device

A good mattress also helps in other ways in sustaining and invigorating the relationship by improving brain health and empathy. These things are really important in a relationship. Sleep has been scientifically related to amygdala health (which is involved in experiencing emotions), increasing serotonin levels (hormone of happiness), and more efficient production of melatonin (responsible for regulating reproductive cycle). These are physical representations of the manner in which our brain relates and interacts with people, builds relationships, and nurtures our loved ones.

After a long and hectic day, when your beloved returns home, this mattress will help him/her rest up and feel better.

Investment In Your Relationship

A mattress is a long-term investment and this also shows your partner how committed you are to the relationship. There is no downside to gifting a mattress on Valentine’s Day- the benefits are worth the price. A mattress should be viewed as an investment into your relationship and a small step towards a bigger commitment.

A Gift For Both Of You

At some point, you will have to buy a new mattress to replace the old worn out one and buying it in the form of a gift on the occasion of Valentine’s Day will make the day not only memorable but a wise investment towards your love.

The best part is that even though you will buy it as a gift for your partner, you will get to equally use it.

Improves Professional Life As Well

It is a known fact that 'A good night’s sleep can do wonders’. Doctors have always been after all their patients to make sure they know how a sound sleep is the easiest way to perfect health. The value of this gift multiplies if we add the point of health into it.

The very meaning of giving a mattress as a gift is that you are wishing blissful health for your partner.


When you compare a mattress to any other expensive gifts out there, it stands as the clear winner. It not only has an unparalleled functional value, but also would act as a milestone in your relationship, and a fond memory that you can look down upon years from now– most probably sitting together on the very same mattress.

Do not waste time thinking, just go to le layers of hand-picked premium materials that come together to make Durfi memory foam mattress. to buy the best mattress for you and your loved one.

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