What is so Unique about Memory Foam Mattress

June 18, 2019

You may be thinking of changing your mattress due to various reasons. Either you feel stiffness in your body every time you wake up from sleep, regardless of how many hours you slept or your previous mattress is sagging after years of serving you. Irrespective of the reasons, the one option that everyone seems to suggest if you’re going to buy a mattress, is memory foam mattress.

Now, you wonder what could possibly be so unique about this mattress.


Read on to know facts about memory foam mattress that makes it different and unique from other mattresses.

Quality lies in manufacturing...

Before discussing the unique quality of any mattress, understanding the material seems a legit way to go, since uniqueness lies in the process and material out of which it is manufactured. Memory foam mattress is manufactured from a viscoelastic material. You can understand viscoelastic material as visco meaning viscous (thick and sticky) and elastic, meaning that the material can regain its size and dimension after being pressurized or deformed.

Now that you know what goes on in a Memory Foam Mattress, let’s find out about its attributes that make it so unique.

Invented by NASA

If you have been to any memory foam mattress website, you might have come across a phrase like “NASA technology” or “NASA invented”. This is because memory foam was originally invented by NASA. It was invented to provide shock protection and vibration absorption in NASA’s airplane seats. The same technology has now made its way to mattresses.

Long-Lasting Ability

Due to the material and process used in manufacturing the memory foam mattress, its effectiveness is maintained over several years. In fact, Durfi mattress comes with a long 10-year warranty, which speaks a volume about the confidence that manufacturers have in memory foam mattress.

Suffering from back pain? Why not use the Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattress has the capability of providing requisite support to both the heavy as well as lighter areas of your body. Patients with problems of lower back pain, neck pain as well as other joint pain are recommended to sleep on the memory foam mattress, as it maintains the natural curvature of your spine, whether you sleep on the side or on your back.

Supports you just the way you need

One key feature of the memory foam mattress is its elasticity. It can be understood by how a mattress responds to the pressure applied to it. As I mentioned above, memory foam mattress absorbs the pressure and adjusts to the shape of the body. This results in even distribution of weight across the surface. This makes it excellent in relieving pains that are due to poor posture and overall stiffness in the body.

People who sleep with their partners or kids find it difficult to have uninterrupted sleep, as the entire mattress vibrates when the other person moves. This does not happen in a Memory Foam mattress. Memory Foam mattress absorbs the movement shock locally. As this mattress has the ability of not conducting motion, so twists and turns of your partner will not bother you.

It is Hypo-Allergenic

Memory foam mattress does not have the surface on which dust mites, mould, and pet dander can propagate. Hence, they are good for people with allergies. The material used for making memory foam is inorganic. Thus, it does not provide a suitable environment for allergens.

On top of that, Durfi memory foam mattress has an anti-bacterial outer covering, which further enhances this quality.

Maintains your cozy warm/cool sleep

In memory foam mattress, warm temperatures make the fabric loosen up and air flow inside the mattress increase and hence cools you down, and vice-versa. Durfi’s memory foam mattress is temperature sensitive, covered with a comfort layer of air flow technology, that helps in regulating the body temperature while sleeping.

So, there you have it, the evolution in mattress technology that supports comfortable and sound sleep. Considering this evolution in the market, there is Cotton Candy Orthopedic Back Care Memory Foam Mattress by Durfi, that provides exceptional sleeping experience to the people with problems of joint pains or lower back pain. It encompasses all the uniqueness discussed above.

Go ahead and enjoy the experience of sleeping on the clouds, with no pains in the body, but only sweet dreams.

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