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Which Mattress is Better, Firm or Soft?

A good mattress plays an important role in a good night’s sleep. And, restful and peaceful sleep is a foundation for good health and overall well being. This is why choosing the Right Mattress is really essential.

However, the variety of mattress options present in the market makes it trickier to decide the final choice. One of the biggest dilemmas while buying a mattress is to choose between firm and soft mattress, and which is better for us.

So, let’s dig into more to figure out which mattress is better firm or soft?

Firm vs Soft Mattress

Properties Firm Mattress Soft Mattress
Feel The firm mattress is usually hard and doesn't compress when you sleep on it. It feels rigid to the touch and has high density. On the other hand, a soft mattress feels soft to touch and is lightweight. It compresses when you sleep on it.
Purposes Sleeping on a firm mattress is helpful for pressure relief resulting in less stress on muscles, veins, and arteries. Apart from that, muscles are less strained, thereby improving the blood circulation. Sleeping on a soft mattress is helpful for reducing joint and muscle pain. It provides a peaceful and restful sleep to those who have tense muscles.
Best For Generally, a firm mattress is suitable for people who are suffering from back pain and/or neck pain. A firm mattress can also improve the quality of sleep for those who feel pain while sleeping or after getting up. Stomach sleepers feel better sleeping on a firm mattress. Soft mattress is recommended to those people who have stiff muscles or sleep on their sides, as it cushions their shoulders and hips. People who have tense muscles or muscle pain or feel comfortable on a cushiony surface can go for a soft mattress.
Comfort In general, a firm mattress is less comfortable than a soft mattress and the user may feel discomfort in their initial days. However, it is comfortable for those who have back pain or neck pain. On the other hand, the soft mattress has the cushiony feel and the sleeper sleeps peacefully. It helps in improving blood circulation and you can perfectly enjoy your sleeping position as shapes according to your postures.
Support The firm mattress provides full support to your body and neck. It does not sag easily and maintains the alignment of your body i.e keeping your head, neck, back, and hip in a straight line. Soft mattress is less supportive than a firm mattress. A very soft mattress may sag and cause you back pain. It is sometimes not able to maintain a healthy spine alignment i.e a double “S”.

Which Mattress is Better, Firm or Soft?

Both soft and firm mattresses have a set of pros and cons. Though it is a personal preference to sleep on a firm or a soft mattress, an ideal mattress should have a perfect level of firmness and softness. It should have a 6:4 ratio of firmness and softness to provide optimum comfort and support to the body.

This why Durfi has created a medium-firm mattress that has a perfect combination of firmness and softness so that you get the best of both the worlds.

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