Why Do Women Need More Sleep Than Men?

March 16, 2020

It is a well-known fact that women and men are wired differently. However, is this difference that big that it can affect the sleeping cycle?

According to a study at the Loughborough University UK Sleep Research Center, it was revealed that women use their brains more while awake than men. Hence, it could be one of the reasons that women need more sleep than men.

Apart from this study, there are several other reasons that conclude that women require more sleep as compared to their male counterparts. Let’s dive more into it to know the reasons for such an occurrence.

Different Wiring of the Brain

As stated earlier, the brains of women are wired differently than men. While males have an inclination towards logical thinking capabilities, women’s brain connections are optimized with intuitive and analytical thinking capabilities. This difference in thinking capabilities allows women to multitask in various areas of life. And since the brain is continuously on the run, it requires more time to rest at night.

Physical and Psychological Reasons

Due to the differences in physiological and psychological workings, women are more prone to stress than male counterparts. As it starts from the puberty age, women’s physiological cycle keeps on changing rapidly throughout the lifetime. Hence, the changes in the health demand more resting time in all the areas of health, be it physiological or psychological. This is another main reason that women’s bodies are more likely to demand more sleep.

Working Routine

In today’s day and age, men and women are both required to excel in their career prospects. Each day, more and more women are finding ways to upscale their careers and looking for ways to financially support their family along with their male partners. The energy demand from such work culture and environments adds to their psychological need to be emotionally present for their family and juggle around with other emotional needs that the family environment demands. This hectic routine, in turn, requires extra time during the sleep so that the body can repair fully to take on the tasks at hand in the day in a productive manner.

Cultural Surroundings

Women have been the most crucial, almost central, person of forming familial bonding and a safe cultural environment for the family members. Women are considered to be the central aspect when forming new relationships. The emotional ingredient inherited by women while forming new relationships among society requires a lot more energy on a daily basis. Hence, having a few extra minutes to sleep helps in rejuvenating the inherent emotional capabilities of women so that they can fulfil their duties in maintaining the relationships in the cultural setup as well.


One of the core aspects of being a woman is to raise children. For centuries, it has been the duty of a woman to take care of children, biologically and psychologically. While raising a child, it is essential to be in synchronization with the child’s sleeping and eating patterns, and while doing so, women tend to lose more sleep and ignore their health. Hence, from the biological point of view, a woman requires extra sleep to rejuvenate their body and mind from the hectic schedule when they have children.

Points described above reflect on how women are required to take care of other social needs apart from their careers. Today’s women are required to put in extra efforts not just to their career but also to maintain the relationships as well.

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