Why Does Your Mattress need to be Protected?

November 26, 2019

Just like humans, mattresses also need to be protected from dust mites and allergens to provide the quality sleep we need for better health.

But, there is a lot of confusion around how can we protect the mattress. Probably flipping and rotating the mattress are great options. But, there is a much better way: Mattress Protector.

What is a Mattress Protector?

A mattress protector is an extra layer of a sheet over your mattress to safeguard it against allergens and irritants. Mattress Protector is also easier to maintain and can be washed along with your other bedding items. An ideal mattress protector should be waterproof, comfortable to sleep on and protect you from stains and dust mites.

Durfi comes to the rescue by introducing a mattress protector with anti-bacterial fabric. It prevents bacteria and allergens from causing allergies. It is also waterproof, which resists sweat to get into the mattress. Durfi essential mattress protector is also delicate and soft to land upon. It’s made with extra special care to assist you and your dreams.

Reasons You Should Invest in a Mattress Protector

Extends the Life of Your Mattress

On average, people replace their mattresses after 8-10 years depending on their comfort level. Mattresses are expensive and high-maintenance. Hence, it is important to protect them from allergens and dust mites that could hamper their quality. A mattress protector can not only extend the lifespan of your mattresses but also keep them in good shape.

Keeps the Mattress Clean

It’s cleaning day! You change your bedsheets and pillow covers, you clean your wardrobe and dust off the shelves. Now it’s time to clean the mattress, but you say to yourself ‘maybe tomorrow' and then tomorrow never comes.

Scrubbing the stains of a mattress can be very time-consuming. The curry that dived-deep into the mattress or the sweat that seeped through sheets only makes it worse. This is where mattress protectors come handy. Washing a mattress protector is a hassle-free job, saving your time and energy.

Prevents from Dust Mites

Ever wondered what happens to the sweat and oil that find their way to your mattress? Dust mites feed on them. The debris collected over time becomes the reason you wake up with a stuffy nose some mornings. They are also the reason you end up sneezing right after you wake up. Dust mite allergies can also trigger asthma, sinus problems, and skin problems like eczema. Mattress protectors protect you against such dust mites by adding a layer between your mattress and you. If your bed already has dust mites, a mattress protector can prevent them from acting up.

Protecting Yourself from Bacteria

Sweat, makeup, food, coffee, and animal dander are just some of the bacteria that accompany you while you sleep. A mattress protector can keep the bacteria at bay and help you sleep peacefully without any worry about bacteria.

Helps to Protect the Warranty of the Mattress

A quality mattress comes with a warranty that covers you against any defect which your mattress may face. However, soiling and staining can make this delicate mattress invalidated of warranty. Mattress protectors keep your mattresses from being damaged through stains and other accidents. They ensure that the warranty of your mattresses stays intact.

Make the Mattress More Comfortable

Gone are the days when mattress protectors were flimsy and made of plastic. These mattress savers have stepped up their game by providing an extra level of comfort through soft fabrics. They can make your sleeping experience better by enhancing the qualities of your mattress.

Investing in Durfi mattress protector ensures you keep the allergens locked up so you wake up healthier and happier. This Mattress protector protects against stains, body fluids, and pet dander. Durfi respects all shapes and sizes and can be crafted as per your customizations.

It’s safe to say that mattress protectors can keep your sleeping environment sanitary.

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