Why is Durfi mattress not expensive?

August 27, 2019

Durfi is one of the best Orthopaedic mattresses in the Indian market today, that is specifically made for Indian back. It has the best of the best materials, like, Patented Cotton Candy Memory Foam, Anti-bacterial Fabric Cover, Thermobond Turkish Felt, Base Support Orthopaedic Layer, and more.

Despite all this, when the customers hear the price of the Durfi mattress, then the first question they ask is “Why is this mattress not expensive?” With all the material that goes into Durfi mattress, coupled with our excellent customer support, customers expect our mattress to be much higher priced.

There are a few reasons why we can provide Durfi mattress to our customers at such an affordable price:

Direct to Customer

Unlike other mattress brands that have an entire chain of distributors, dealers, and retailers, Durfi mattress sells and delivers the mattress directly to the customers.

In the traditional approach, every middleman keeps his margin, so the price that the customer ends up paying is highly inflated, as compared to the original product. In the case of Durfi, however, all those middlemen have been completely stripped out, so there is no artificial inflation of prices, and the customer can get our premium mattress, at a fraction of the price.

Highly Advanced Manufacturing Process

To keep costs low, Durfi has invested in highly advanced manufacturing processes. These manufacturing processes can churn out mattresses in huge quantities while eliminating the wastage emanating from outdated manufacturing processes and human errors. These manufacturing processes also ensure the superior quality of the Durfi Mattress.

This advancement in manufacturing processes has enabled Durfi to produce more mattresses, at a faster rate, but at a lower cost, with almost negligible wastage, while still keeping the product quality very high.

That is why our prestigious customers don’t have to shell out more for our premium mattress.

Raw Material Discount

Instead of trying to create a plethora of mattress varieties, Durfi has focused itself on creating just one perfect mattress. That is why our Research and Development has been focused on creating the one mattress that works for everyone.

A big advantage of having this single standardized product is that we do not need several types of raw materials for different types of mattresses. All our mattresses use the same raw materials, so we can negotiate huge discounts with our suppliers, which ultimately results in the reduction of our cost. And we pass that on to our customers. As a result, our customers pay less for the premium materials that go into making a Durfi mattress.

Reduced Shipping Cost Due To Nationwide Manufacturing Units

For a product like a mattress, shipping invariably becomes a big cost. Since the beginning, we took a conscious decision to not charge our customers for the shipping and instead optimize that at our end. For that reason, we have located our manufacturing units throughout the country.

Whenever we receive an order, the mattress is shipped from the manufacturing unit that is closest to the customer’s location. This gives us an obvious cost advantage as compared to our competitors as this keeps our shipping cost low. And this ultimately benefits our esteemed customers.

No Fancy Marketing

Finally, you won’t see any fancy TV ads for Durfi mattress. For most of the premium mattress brands, marketing becomes a significant cost, which ultimately gets added to the cost of the mattress. In the case of Durfi, however, we do not invest in expensive marketing mediums. Instead, we keep our marketing costs low so that our customer does not have to incur the cost. We let our product speak for itself which results in huge referral sales from friends and family of our customers.

Ultimately, when you buy a Durfi mattress, you know that you are paying for the mattress, and not for the TV ads of the mattress.

Product First Approach

The team behind Durfi has decades of experience in the mattress industry. When they got together, they decided not to make another Copy-Paste mattress that everyone else was already manufacturing. They decided to pool in their experience, coupled with R&D as well as medical advice, to craft a mattress that is not only better than others but is also at a price point that everyone can afford.

The result of this determination is Durfi: the mattress that every Indian can buy.

So, now that you know all our secrets that how we manage to keep the price of our mattress so low, go ahead and order a Durfi. You know you are getting much more for much less.

(A side note to our competitors: We have revealed all our secrets out here. Go ahead and use them. We would love to see you also drop the prices of products to keep them honest. I would love to see others also start caring about their customers, as we do.)

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