Why Sleeping is a Healthy Habit?

October 26, 2019

Sleeping is yet another thing taken for granted by us humans. The association of sleep with laziness has increased among a number of people who take less than 7 hours of sleep. While hustling without sleeping might be a good idea on Instagram, but not in real life.

Time and again studies have proven the benefits of sleeping. Quality sleep not only keeps you fresh but also allows you to have a balance in life. A sound sleep will help you in the long run by protecting you from several mental and physical health issues.

Here are several reasons why sleeping is a healthy habit:

Keeps Your Mind Fresh

Sound sleep helps your brain in forming new pathways which boost your learning and retaining power. It enhances your memory and problem-solving skills. It helps you cope with the changing environment by making you less irritable and more emotionally stable. Apart from that, it helps you in many ways by making you less prone to any type of mental illness that includes depression, anxiety, and others.

Someone who is deprived of sleep has lesser emotional intelligence; he/she may have trouble recognizing other people's emotions.

Not only the adults, but even the children are also a victim of sleep deprivation. Unhealthy sleep patterns amongst the children and teenagers negatively impact their behavior and academic performance.

So, your easy way to prevent all these problems could be to slide into your bed and dream.

Sleep Healthy to be Healthy

A Healthy Sleep gives you a healthy body. If you are sleeping well, then you can be sure that your calorie intake will be reduced.

Yes, a healthy sleep not only makes you less prone to being obese or overweight but also helps you by cutting down the calories. Sleep pattern immensely affects your appetite hormones, so if you sleep well, you stay healthy, wealthy, and wise. Happy win-win situation readers!

Sleep for Healing the Body

Did you know your body heals, regenerate, recover when you sleep? Well, if not, it’s never too late to know a fact.

A sound sleep not only helps in improving concentration but also coordination during physical activities as well as mental activity. Not only that, but you can also be a part of a healthy heart and kidney club if you sleep well. The risk of heart disease, kidney disease, strokes, and diabetes reduces if a sufficient amount of sleep is taken. Apart from this, sleep helps in the proper functioning of the body and strengthens your immunity.

Activate Your Inner Superman by Sleeping Comfortably

Quality sleep can help you be active all throughout the day. It makes you productive and makes your response quicker. On the contrary, sleep deprivation could lead to slower responses and more mistakes. Lack of Sleep can lead to microsleeps that can be really dangerous especially when you are driving or are in the middle of some work. Microsleeps are usually uncontrollable and many accidents have taken place because of microsleeps.


In this hectic life, establishing an ideal sleep pattern can help in the long run. Good sleep is equivalent to a healthy mind and body. One of the major factors that contribute towards good sleep is the quality of your mattress. Your bed is your private space where you can transfer all your tiredness and wander in your dreams. Durfi ensures that you get this “me-time” all to yourself wherein you can deeply enjoy your sleep and develop a healthy sleeping pattern.

An Ideal Mattress will help you in getting one step closer to the lifestyle you are looking forward to. So, if you want to lead a healthier life, choose Durfi because we care about you and your happiness.

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