Original Ortho Memory Foam Mattress SEM

Experience unmatched Comfort with Durfi Original Cotton Candy Memory Foam Mattress
Experience unmatched Comfort with Durfi Original Memory Foam Mattress

Our everyday lives demand us to stay active and at our best but it also requires we sleep well to rest and rejuvenate. Recognising the need for ultimate comfort and exceptional sleep experience, we bring you the Durfi Original Memory Foam Mattress, designed for the comfort you seek.

What’s Durfi Original Memory Foam Mattress?

Our innovative, affordable and supremely comfortable mattress is the result of years of research and development. Praised for its unique qualities and loved for its cotton-like yet medium firm support, this is one of the best memory foam mattress in India.

It features cotton candy memory foam and ortho foam, which work together to offer unparalleled comfort, support and durability. The adaptive memory foam contours to the body, offering a plush, personalized feel and relief from pressure points.

Meanwhile, the ortho foam layer ensures proper spine alignment and orthopedic support, making this ortho memory foam mattress an ideal choice for those seeking relief from shoulder, back and joint pain.

Additionally, the mattress includes high-resilience (HR) foam layers, known for durability and responsiveness, preventing sagging, and helping maintain the mattress’s shape over time for long-lasting comfort. The anti-bacterial fabric surface ensures the mattress remains fresh and hygienic by protecting against allergens and bacteria.

Why choose Durfi Original Memory Foam Mattress?

Whether you are looking to buy memory foam mattress or an ortho mattress, this is the best choice. It suits people of all age groups and sleep styles—Side, Back & Stomach— giving you the freedom to sleep in the most comfortable position. With its motion isolation, it provides you with undisturbed sleep.

Moreover, it incorporates innovative technologies, including airflow technology and Certiguard technology, which ensure the mattress promotes Air Flow and reduces the chances of allergens and microbes for a healthier and safer sleep.

If you are looking to buy memory foam mattress online, Durfi Original Memory Foam Mattress is your best option. Investing in this doesn’t just mean good sleep, but superior comfort, orthopedic support and optimum sleep.