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Advantages of Durfi
Dual Comfort Dr. Pillow

Durfi Dual Comfort Dr. Pillow features a soft side and a firm side. This gives you the combined benefits of cloud-like comfort and superior support in a single product.

  • The Soft Side of this pillow is made with Cloud Comfort Memory Foam, which conforms to your body shape. It responds quickly to changes in pressure and temperature, and helps with body heat regulation for all-season comfort.

  • The Firm Side features Super Support Latex-Feel Foam, which is highly resilient and breathable. It offers extra support for your head & neck, relieves pressure points & responds quickly to changes in weight & position during sleep.

This two-sided pillow lets you control your comfort, your way. Just flip it to whichever side you prefer!

The Custom Comfort Dual Pillow is topped with 400 GSM, Anti-Bacterial fabric. In addition to looking and feeling better than standard pillow fabric, it's also more durable & breathable.

Materials used to create this pillow are completely hypoallergenic & feature antibacterial benefits for healthier sleep.