5 Killer Tips To Decorate Your Bedroom This New Year

December 28, 2020

Dabbling in arts and crafts is a fabulous way to discover a new side to your personality, along with creating objects to enhance the interiors of your home. The bedroom is the most personal space out of every area in a home, as it is a getaway or a sanctuary which expresses who you are as a person. In short, your bedroom expresses your feelings, favorite colors, and collections.

The bedroom is a space that is very personal, and a lot of guests may never actually see it. Still, it deserves a great deal of attention. A bedroom is a space where you relax, recharge, spend most of me-time, and even reflect on the day. So this new year, decorate your bedroom with killer tips and tricks and make it chock-full of inspiration.

Let's go...

5 Killer Tips To Decorate Your Bedroom This New Year

1. Keep the Bedroom Simple

Regardless of the style you choose to decorate, the bedroom should look simple, cozy, sophisticated, and elegant. Furnish the bedroom with pieces of stuff that you need. A bed, a dresser, a chair, and a bedside table or two are necessities. Anything apart from this is clutter. Always remember to leave a minimum of three feet distance between the bed and large pieces of furniture or sidewalls for ease of movement. Keep the accessories to a minimum, arrange some family photos, choose a beautiful piece of artwork, add some flowers and candles, and you are done.

2. Choose Subtle Color

Instead of going with bold primary shades, choose soothing colors and a calming palette of monochromatic tones. Always remember color theory: tender hues of blue, green, or lavender are considered gentle and serene. Rich jewel-toned tints help to set the mood of comfort and coziness. These colors might incorporate deep pomegranate, topaz, or toasty browns. So this new year, use toned-down shades of your favorite colors in the bedroom for a cozy and soothing ambiance.

3. Indulge in Luxurious Linens

This new year outfit the bedroom with luxurious and beautiful fabrics. There is nothing that can add comfort and warmth to a room like beautiful linens. Don't waste your money buying sheets that are less than 100% cotton or material with high thread counts of three hundred and fifty or more. You can send the delicate sheets for professional washing and pressing. It does not cost much but will give a crisp sleekness worthy of the Ritz. Also, you can add sensual feeling fabric linens through the bedroom with a delicate cashmere or mohair throw on the arm of a chair, cover the walls with textured or silk wall coverings, hang a silk bed canopy or silk draperies, or add elegant floor coverings.

4. Include Lighting Options

In a bedroom, layer the lighting throughout the room. It always looks great. Get milieu lighting in the room, a small lamp for reading and other purposes, and accent light to wash the walls in soft embellishment. For studying or reading purposes, light the corner where you need it. You can also use a lamp with a movable arm. Ensure that each light is adjustable with a dimmer. Get a separate on and off switch for every light to selectively light the area you want.

5. Get a Durfi Mattress

It is crucial to get a mattress that keeps you cool and provides great lumbar support for comfortable sleep. And of course, the mattress that looks great in your bedroom. Get a Durfi mattress as it provides a perfect mattress for a blissful night’s sleep. The mattress is all about safety and comfort. It not only looks after sleep quality but also after the health of a person. Durfi mattress is made up of antibacterial, hypo-allergenic, and breathable fabrics. Also, the mattress offers zero partner disturbance.

So this new year, buy a Durfi mattress and get an ecstatic sleep.

Let the Bedroom Be a Real Getaway

Try to discipline yourself by keeping the phone, computer, exercise machine, or television out of the bedroom. This new year, design your room in a cherished way to relax and rejuvenate, by considering the above-stated killer tips.

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