5 Sleep Troubles that Your Mattress Can Help With

July 04, 2019

Do people call you zombie at your workspace, only because you look like s*#t?

You are not alone.

An increasing number of people are suffering from sleep-related troubles that not only impacts the duration of sleep, but also the quality of sleep. This results in them feeling tired and groggy throughout the day.

For some of the common problems, the solution could be as simple as just throwing your old mattress and switching to a new age one. Read on to know how.

Pain and Soreness

Is your pain keeping you up all night? Is it hard to fall asleep because you are suffering from back pain or other orthopedic problems? Trust me you are not alone.

Whether it's back pain or throbbing tooth, pain is difficult to deal with in the daytime. But when pain at bedtime steals your much-required sleep, it can be utterly exhausting and may affect your health.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, two-thirds of people having chronic pain experience sleep troubles. According to J. Falco, a specialist in sleep problems and pain management, people with pain cannot sleep comfortably and feel discomfort to fall asleep.

Not only pain affects your sound sleep, but the vice-versa also real. Many studies show that having an uncomfortable sleep at night makes you suffer from pain in the morning. According to David Neumeyer, director of the Sleep Disorder Center, people who have poor sleep are prone to chronic pain. The longer you compromise sleep, the worse it will affect your pain with time.

Since pain and sleep are bidirectional, you may be thinking about ways to deal with it. If you have mild pain, poor sleep can make it chronic and if you have chronic pain, poor sleep can make it even worse. There are dozens of ways to deal with pain, one of which can be your mattress.

For the proper sleep without any pain, choose the right blend of comfort as well as support; this is best achieved by the medium-firm mattress.

A medium-firm mattress is apt for people with joint soreness and back pain. Moreover, these are actually good for orthopedic patients as well.

India's #1 Cotton Candy Orthopedic Back Care Memory Foam Mattress is the perfect medium-firm memory foam mattress out there. It helps you maintain the right posture, keep your spine aligned, and provides the appropriate support to the weak points and joints. This mattress is helpful in supporting your body shape without making you feel as if you are lying in a crooked posture, which is where the problem starts.

Tingling Sensation

Ever slept on your side and felt your arms and legs getting numb? This is one general trouble that interferes with your sleep in the middle of the night. Eventually, you wake up tired.

There can be tons of reasons why you feel an arm or leg numbness. But have you ever noticed that this particularly happens in the night when you are in your la la land having fun and suddenly this tingling and numbness wakes you up? If this is your case as well, having a right sleeping surface that supports your body shape, irrespective of your sleeping position will make the situation better and you can enjoy your dreams without any spoiler.

Night Sweats

Do you ever break into sweating at night even when you are not wearing your thick pajamas? Probably you are thinking something is wrong with your body functions.

Sometimes it could be due to some serious medical conditions such as low blood pressure. If that is not the case, your sleeping environment may be becoming too hot. This could be the reason why you wake up in the middle of your sleep all drenched in sweat.

One possible way to deal with it is switch to a mattress that provides good air circulation throughout the night, so that the mattress itself does not become hot. On top of that, put some nice cool sheets (preferably cotton) that let the air flow through easily. After that, enjoy a nice cool sound sleep.

Partner Disturbance

So, you have a partner who likes to toss and turn the entire night? Even though he/she might still be having a sound sleep, but you would still keep waking up due to constant movement. There isn’t much you can do to stop your partner from turning (unless your partner doesn’t mind being tied to the bed), but there is something you can do to ensure that your partner’s motion does not transfer to you.

For this also, you can rely on your mattress. Nowadays, memory foam mattress made with the latest technology comes with motion isolation feature. What this means is that when one part of the mattress is pressed, then it does not impact the other parts of the mattress. So, when your partner moves, you won’t feel that and can keep enjoying those beautiful dreams.

Durfi mattress, with its cotton candy memory foam layer, provides this motion isolation feature so that you don’t start hating sleeping with your partner.


Sleeping along with a person who snores may sound like a curse, but it is actually an indication that something is wrong with your airways. A survey revealed that almost 75% of people got disturbed while sleeping because of their snoring partner.

Though it is a problem with your airways, it is important to consider that sometimes this condition can be dealt with by sleeping on a comfortable surface.

A medium-soft mattress that accurately supports your delicate neck region might give you relief from snoring to some extent. Also, as sleeping on the side is considered as the best position to avoid snoring, so memory foam mattress is useful for that too, as it provides good comfort for side-sleepers as well.


There are a lot more troubles associated with sleep (or, lack of it), and many of them need proper medical intervention. However, there are a few that can be tackled by a good mattress to some extent, and that is where Durfi mattress comes into the picture. With the latest technology, best quality materials, and craftsmanship, and a special focus on back pain, Durfi can help you alleviate your sleep problems.

Go ahead and order a Durfi Mattress now and see what you have been missing.

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