Can You Learn While Sleeping?

October 06, 2020

Scott Cairney, a psychologist, and Centre for Chronic Diseases and Disorders Research Fellow at England’s University of York once stated, Sleep is important for hitting the 'save button' on new memories.

Sleep is crucial for the ability to learn and memory formation. After a day of learning, a night of quality sleep helps the brain to classify and consolidate memories. It implants the learnings of the previous day and discards the information that we can forget. Sleep triggers mutations in the brain that crystallize memories. It strengthens associations between brain cells for transferring memory from one region of the brain to another. But can we learn while sleeping? Is "Hypnopedia" or “Sleep Learning” possible?

Research shows that there are a few things we can learn or at least enhance the grasp of while sleeping. In 1924, a pioneering study demonstrated that people retained nonsense diddly-squats better when they took a nap between the learnings. This suggests that sleep somehow preserves memories from those little interfering elements that tend to help us forget.

Boost the Memory While Sleeping

Many research practices on sleep have taught much about sleep and it’s significance for mental and physical health. But a little more is needed to know. Good quality of sleep opens the door to magnify the memory retention capabilities and to learn more efficiently. When awake, a person learns new things but while sleeping, the brain refines this acquired information, making it accessible to retrieve and apply correctly when needed the most. An adequate amount of sleep boosts memory and helps to retain healthy brain function.

A book under the pillow or mobile phone does not help to learn throughout the night. There are things that a person can do to help the brain absorb and retain learning more efficiently. Here are some skills that can be sharpened in sleep.

1. Learn Foreign Words

Recent research suggests that learning some basic new language words just before going to sleep will help to retain those words in the morning. People who were exposed to foreign language words before sleep were able to recall the words better as compared to people who learned the same words while walking or doing some other stuff.

2. Musical Skills

According to research, a group of people was taught to play guitar melodies employing a technique adopted from the video game Guitar Hero, before a nap. After waking up, they were able to play the tune just as they had heard.

3. Cement an Important Memory

Scientists suggest that the human brain employs a unique tagging system to separate significant memories from insignificant ones while sleeping. The brain flags significant memories as 'important' and sends it straight to the long-term memory, while the insignificant memories are wiped away by new ones.

Final Words

While sleeping, the short-term memories are transferred into long-term storage in the prefrontal cortex. In other words, a night of good quality sleep is important for learning and memory formation. However, you may be thinking how can we improve our sleep quality to actually enhance this learning process? Well, the answer is Durfi.

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