Why Durfi is an Ideal Choice for Most of the Indians

December 09, 2019

In today's fast-moving life, we tend to overlook one of the prerequisites of a healthy and happy life - a good night's sleep. Durfi Mattress provides you just that and lets you go through the day, well-rested and energized.

Made After Consultation with Doctors

Most of the Indian youth find themselves carrying the baggage of the previous day, even after having a full sleep. Parents find their children waking up multiple times, in the middle of the night, because of discomfort. Back Pain is a rising health problem. People are experiencing frustration and tiredness, throughout the day. This leads to all kinds of work and home-related problems.

So, we consulted doctors to know the root cause of these problems and found out that the commonest culprit behind these problems is a bad mattress. And to solve these problems, Durfi mattress came into existence. This mattress is made according to the guidelines of sleep experts and doctors; fine-tuned to provide relaxation and comfort. It is good for back, good for the body, and good for health.

Manage Back-related Problems

Our backbone has a natural double-S shaped curvature to it. Consistency of the mattress you use for sleeping becomes a big factor in maintaining this curvature.

It is found that both, too stiff and too soft, kind of mattresses prove to be insufficient in fulfilling this need. This can lead to a variety of back problems, inadequate sleep, and frustration in the day-to-day routine.

Hence, Durfi mattress is made keeping in mind all the back-related problems and is a perfect solution to manage your back pain problem effectively.

Perfect for all Sleeping Positions

Durfi makes sure that your sleeping posture and sleeping schedule need not be adjusted according to the mattress. Durfi's memory foam mattress is crafted using scientific methods to mould according to your postures. It also suits every body type and weight category. This cotton candy memory foam mattress adjusts according to your body shape. It provides just the right balance of firm support and soft comfort.


Even though Memory Foam is a crucial component, it is just one of the layers of Durfi mattress.

There are 7 layers of expertly chosen, premium quality materials, which combine to make the Durfi mattress. The layers are crafted to cater to each individual’s needs:

  • The top layer is a 400 GSM fabric. It is hypoallergenic to protect sensitive skin and also has antibacterial properties.
  • Cotton Candy Memory foam is the next layer. All the layers come together with it to make a great mattress. It is specially designed to provide symmetry between excess bounces and adequate cosiness. Furthermore, it keeps the heat away from you. The layer also has bamboo charcoal in it which gets rid of any bad smells.
  • Then comes to the comfort layer which, albeit being a thin layer, is made from a resilient material. It makes certain that the mattress doesn't slump when pressure is applied to it.
  • Next is the back support layer. It is made from thick, long-lasting reactive foam. Additionally, it is eco-friendly. It has no ozone-depleting substances and no heavy-metals. This means that it supports your back and keeps your bedroom air free from toxic components. There are mattresses that add toxins to the air you breathe, but Durfi doesn't.
  • Then comes the Thermobond Turkish felt layer which is made with soft and comfortable fabric. It acts as a barrier for bacteria and also provides thermal insulation.
  • The next layer is made of brilliant quality breathable fabric. It is quilted to provide comfort and to let your skin breathe. This makes sure that you don't wake up sweating and prevents skin irritation and rashes.
  • Last of all is the Anti-Skid layer. If you move about while sleeping, you must have experienced the bedsheet getting untucked and hanging out, or the mattress itself moving out of place. But, not with Durfi. The bottom has an anti-skid pattern. This makes certain that the bedsheet, and the mattress itself, stay in place. This layer also has anti-dust, anti-mite, and insect-repelling properties.


Durfi provides great quality in their product. In addition to that, to make sure that they don't have to mess with their standards to cut costs, they have eliminated the middleman. You can order your mattress right from the website with free delivery throughout India. And, they even allow for options of Customisation!

The expertise gained through all these years goes into making sure that each mattress suits you and gives you a comfortable sleep.

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