Cold Weather Tips for Better Sleep

December 14, 2020

When the colourful leaves of the trees fall and the mild temperature decreases, it means winter has come. It is time to pack away the flip-flops and bring out the warm clothes. Apart from staying warm, wintertime brings its unique challenges for sleep. Dark, quiet nights, cool weather, warm blankets, and a cup of hot tea sounds like an ideal recipe for a good night’s. But, it is not that easy. From dry air to more frequent colds, lots of things may steal your sleep.

In this article, we will discuss some tips for better sleep in cold weather.

Tips For Better Sleep in Cold Weather

For some people, sleeping soundly in the cold weather may consist of getting an extra quilt or two when laying their heads down at night. But, there is more to get a better sleep when the days are shorter, quiet nights that start early, and the temperatures plummet. To get a night of better sleep in the winters, consider these tips.

Get Sufficient Sunlight

Winter means less and weak sunlight, which means the body will produce more melatonin. It may lead you to feel more sluggish and fatigued throughout the day. Sunlight triggers the suppression of melatonin in the body. Generally, people sleep better during the time melatonin is secreted and it gets secreted about an hour or two before going to sleep. Also, it is recommended to avoid bright light at night to keep melatonin secretion on schedule.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise helps to improve the overall health and, of course, the quality of sleep. This is the reason why it is crucial not to skip out on exercise during these frigid months. By exhausting more of the physical energy during the day, sleeping at night in cold weather can become an easier task.

Healthy Diet

It is vital to eat healthy during the winter. People may think that comfort food such as meats and rich stews are good to consume in winter. But, these food items can be detrimental to sleep if consumed in excess. There is nothing wrong with having a rich meal once in a while, but make sure to consume it at least three hours before going to bed, as having heavy foods can disrupt overnight sleep. People can consider delicious vegetables and soups as dinner options as they are highly satisfying without being overly caloric or filling. Do not overdo the dinner with salt, as it can have an adverse impact on sleep as well.

Stay Hydrated

This tip is essential to follow at any time of year but is particularly vital in the winter. Generally, people do not feel thirsty in winter, but dry air can dehydrate the body. Always remember to drink approximately eight glasses of water a day, as it also helps the sinuses and reduces congestion.

Take a Warm Bath Before Going to Bed

In addition to calming the body and mind, a warm bath can help prepare the body for sleep as people adjust to the drop in temperature after the bath or shower.

Get Cozy Mattress

The most significant thing that people look for in winter is a comfortable and warm sleeping environment. The sleep surface should be cosy and comfortable enough so that you can snuggle like a baby. That is why it is essential to opt for a mattress that is comfortable and provides a calm and uninterrupted sleep.

Durfi presents the best mattress for a night of blissful sleep, as it is all about comfort and support. The unique foam used in the Durfi mattress boosts air circulation to provide a cosy and snug surface to sleep better in the cold weather. Durfi mattress is designed to be breathable, hypo-allergenic, and antibacterial. It promotes a cleaner sleep environment by limiting microbial growth. The firm surface of the Durfi mattress ensures correct spinal alignment by uniformly spreading the bodyweight on the mattress.

Enjoy Restful Winter Sleep!!!

There is no need to sleep like a bear during the winter months. Follow these tips to keep yourself warm, healthy, and well-rested. In no time the flowers of spring will be blooming. Till then, stay healthy and buy a Durfi mattress for better sleep.

Happy Winters!!!

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