Common Sleep Problems Couples Face

February 27, 2021

Having someone close to you in the same bed every night can be a source of comfort and love, but it can also lead to problems like snoring, sheet-stealing, and mattress comfort level disagreements that can plague partners trying to sleep.

If it sounds familiar to you, then you are not alone. On average, every one in three couples says that their partner negatively impacts their slumber. The inadequate amount of night sleep can have prominent consequences. A good relationship, well-being, health, and quality of life also depends upon sufficient sleep. Couples should enhance their sleep quality for a great relationship.

Whether you sleep with a constant cuddler, a night owl, or a sheet stealer, a lot of issues faced while sleeping with a partner can be overcome. Here are some common scenarios that couples face while sharing the same bed.


Snoring, a sound that is as distinctive as it is unavoidable, is caused by the soft tissues at the back of the throat vibrating and obstructing your airway. When you sleep on your back, gravity makes your tongue and soft palate heavy, which can make the airway collapse and snoring worse.

Snoring is the most common sleep disruptor among couples. It can wake up the non-snoring bed partner as many as 20 times every hour that, on average, can add up to an hour of lost sleep every night. The snorer should try to avoid alcohol intake in the evenings, elevating their head while sleeping or sleeping on their side. The non-snoring partner can try a white noise machine or earplugs.

The Sheet-Stealer

Sheet-stealing is the second biggest complaint of co-sleeping couples. A solution to this is to sleep on separate twin-size beds. The beds are situated right next to each other and look like a king-size bed. Also, get your own sets of sheets and blankets so that you do not steal the sheets of your partner.

Temperature Differences

If you are sharing a bed with someone who likes their side of the bed cold and you like your side of the bed hot, you are going to have a bad time while sleeping. This is because body temperature is affected by the temperature of the room. If your body is cold, it’s going to be difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep. Likewise, if your body is hot, you’ll have a tough time falling asleep because your body will be working to keep you cool.

A lot of couples argue about temperature preferences while sleeping next to each other. This annoyance can cause physical harm. A big temperature difference can make you feel uncomfortable and can have a negative effect on your sleep. Also, it can put health at risk and can lead to issues like neck and back pain.

The Early Bird vs. The Night Owl

Whether or not you are an early bird or a night owl, most of us have a natural tendency to hit our beds and clocks at certain times, and that can sometimes clash with the sleep habits of our bed partners. The sleep cycles are affected by hormones, as well as external factors such as light, temperature, and noise. The hormones that control our wake/sleep patterns are governed by our circadian rhythms, the biological clocks that are set to slightly different times depending on factors such as age, genetics, work, and lifestyle. Having different sleep schedules will not only impact sleep but health also. For a peaceful sleep with your partner, try to mitigate the sleep disturbances from the mismatched sleep schedule.

The Firm Sleeper vs. The Soft Sleeper

Some people prefer a firm mattress, while others prefer a softer one. This is a very common issue between couples sharing the same bed as the right mattress is the foundation of a good night's sleep and the most important part of your bed. There are a lot of factors to consider, including comfort, support, firmness, and price. Fortunately, mattress companies are listening as they now manufacture customizable mattresses. So, the couples no longer have to compromise their night's sleep.

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Final Words

Discuss the sleep-related issues with your partner. It may be difficult, but it is very important as sleep is crucial for good physical and mental health of a person. Try to tackle the issues together. This will also help in strengthening the relationship.

And, get a Durfi mattress to enjoy a memorable sleep experience with your partner.