Durfi Original, Hybrid, and Hempseed Oil Mattress. Which one is for you?

April 08, 2021

Getting a night of good quality sleep is among the most crucial components of a healthful and happy life. People might dream of buying a fancy car or of a vacation, but the most vital thing to have is a night of relaxed slumber. Along with good food and a healthy lifestyle, people need a high-quality mattress for a comfortable sleep. Shopping for a new mattress is an intimidating prospect under the best conditions. But it can be equally daunting if you do not know what you are looking for in a mattress. The market is overloaded with numerous varieties of mattresses such as memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses, spring mattresses, hempseed oil mattresses, hybrid mattresses, and many more. It is vital to pick the right mattress according to the body type and sleeping preference for a peaceful night's sleep.

Durfi manufactures the best mattress as it strives for optimum comfort and relaxing sleep. The mattress provides proper back and spine support to the body and restricts the build-up of pressure points, especially around the neck, back, and hip areas. It ensures correct spinal alignment by uniformly spreading the body weight on the mattress. Also, it improves the blood circulation in the body. The Durfi mattress is made of high-density ultra-supportive material that relieves stress and improves back pain. The mattress helps in reducing joint pain and alleviates pressure from the body.

Durfi manufactures three distinct mattresses; Cotton Candy Memory Foam Mattresses, Hybrid Pocket Spring Mattresses, and the new Hempseed Oil Memory Foam Mattresses.

Here are some parameters to decide which Durfi mattress is the best for you.

Overall Feel

The Cotton Candy Memory Foam mattress has a softer surface. People often characterize it as feeling like sleeping on a cloud. However, there are also people who prefer a firm surface and added support of coils. Durfi Hybrid Pocket Spring mattress is a better option for them. The Hempseed Oil Memory Foam mattress is fully customizable and specifically designed for senior citizens and athletes. So, it is really up to your body type and sleeping preference to decide which mattress is better to you.

Cooling Properties

For this purpose, all three Durfi mattresses can be used. The Cotton Candy Memory Foam mattress uses high-resilience foam to boost air circulation. It diverts excessive heat away from the body to provide a calm sleep all night. In the Hybrid Pocket Spring mattress, the pocket springs maintain the maximum airflow and maintain the temperature while sleeping, and simultaneously provide the optimum comfort to the body. The Hempseed Oil Memory Foam mattress uses top-notch temperature-regulating foam which is highly breathable and regulates temperature for a comfortable sleep. Hence, all three of the mattresses are designed to provide restful sleep all night.

Motion Transfer

Motion isolation is one of the most preferred characteristics to have in a mattress. It restricts the movement from spreading on the mattress surface and prevents from disrupting the sleep of the other person. The Durfi mattresses are known for their ability to reduce motion transfer. Durfi's Cotton Candy Memory foam mattress offers maximum control to motion transfer. Durfi Hybrid Pocket Spring mattress has the Tungsten Carbide pocket coils spring system. Each of the springs sits into a separate fabric pocket, giving no chance for motion transfer. The Hempseed Oil Memory Foam mattress has the ability to isolate motion and has less noise potential.


Support means the ability of the mattress to keep the spine aligned and restrict the build-up of pressure points by uniformly spreading the body weight on the mattress surface. Durfi Hybrid Pocket Spring mattress has 8-layers that provides excellent balance in supporting individual pressure with the help of the structural spring system. The Cotton Candy Memory foam mattress has a 7-layer medium-firm orthopedic structure that allows the body to sink in to provide the right amount of support and contours maximum sleeping positions. The Hempseed Oil Memory Foam mattress has a 6-layer medium-firm structure that provides optimum support, push-back, and comfort to the body while sleeping, without damaging the body posture.

The above-stated points may help you to pick the correct mattress for yourself. Durfi's Cotton Candy Memory foam mattress and Hybrid Pocket Spring mattress are very popular among sleepers, but the Hempseed Oil Memory Foam mattress is new in the market.

So, whether you like the added benefit of springs, the cloud-like comfort of a memory foam mattress, or the healing hempseed oil-infused mattress, choose the right Durfi mattress that fits your needs.

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