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How To Make A Memory Foam Mattress Sleep Cooler

Memory foam mattresses are often recognized as one of the best options available. It has numerous benefits, including no-motion transmission, body-conforming comfort, pressure point reduction, and so on, that appeal to millions of customers worldwide. But along with great benefits, it also has some drawbacks such as its quality to absorb and retain heat. And if you have a memory foam mattress, you may agree that sleeping on it can be a little heated.

Knowing these difficulties, the latest memory foam is developed with cutting-edge technology to combat the heat and keep you cool and comfortable. Aero sleep technology, for example, is utilized in durfi mattresses to keep them cool, breathable, and comfy. Some people, however, sleep hot and may struggle more than others to sleep comfortably. And if you are one of those persons, you may require additional assistance to keep your bed cool while sleeping.

For that, we have compiled some tips to help you sleep cooler. But, before we dive into that, let’s learn why and how memory foam absorbs and retains heat.

Memory foam is made of a polymer known as polyurethane (viscoelastic) foam. Viscoelastic is composed mostly of two components: visco and elastic. Visco/viscous takes a long time to change shape under pressure or to transmit energy from one location to another. Elastic, on the other hand, can stretch or distort but returns to its original shape or size when the force is removed. Memory foam is created by combining these two materials with other chemicals, and substances.

Memory foam lacks permeability and absorbs and holds heat more than other foams due to its high density and closed-cell composition. Its temperature-absorbing quality is what allows it to mould and contour your body to provide personalized comfort; yet, this trait also makes it a not-so-good mattress choice for heated places and environments.

But here are some easy-to-follow tips to make your mattress stay cool and help you sleep cool:

Upgrade to breathable, cooling bedding and bed frame

Choose a temperature-sensitive topper for your bed

If your mattress doesn’t have a cooling system or infused technology to keep it cool, buy mattress topper that is made of breathable and cooling material, such as gel-infused memory foam or latex foam. These toppers are designed to dissipate heat and provide better airflow, helping to keep you cool while you sleep. Also while you are at it, make that the topper is made of a breathable natural fabric cover that wicks away sweat and keeps you comfortable throughout the night. Also, as the main purpose of a mattress topper is to add extra cushioning and comfort, it can future enhance your sleep experience by making your bed more than comfortable for you.

Mattress Topper And Protector

Use a breathable mattress protector | cover

Memory foam mattresses have a tendency to absorb your body temperature but by using a mattress protector you can create a barrier between your body and the bed. A protector or cover is designed to keep mattresses clean and sanitary by keeping liquids, dust, and other impurities out. However, it can also assist in preventing your body temperature from reaching the mattress and prevent it from absorbing and retaining heat. It also helps to prolong your mattress’s life and keeps allergens from building in it. However, make certain that the protector you purchase is composed of breathable material with moisture-wicking qualities to promote comfortable and healthy sleep.

Invest in moisture-wicking bed sheets

Choose bed sheets made of natural fibers like cotton or bamboo, as they tend to be more breathable and moisture-wicking compared to synthetic materials. Moisture-wicking sheets can help regulate your body temperature and keep you cool throughout the night.

Bed Sheets

Choose natural fabrics for bedding

To keep your bed cool, use natural fabrics such as cotton, bamboo, linen, and silk over synthetic fabrics such as polyester, Nylon, and Rayon. Synthetic fabrics and fibers tend to run hot, do not absorb or wick moisture (sweat), and are not breathable, which can raise the temperature of your bed even more. So, no matter how affordable, easy to care for, or long-lasting they appear don’t buy them, instead choose natural fabrics. Natural textiles, particularly cotton and linen, are the ideal bedding options since they are extremely breathable, have a higher moisture-wicking ability, and do not trap warmth, making your bed less heated and suitable for the summer heat.

Use slatted bed frame

Mattresses are often covered from the top with covers and sheets and from the bottom with a bed frame, blocking airflow and ventilation. You can ensure that your mattress doesn't restrict airflow from the top by using breathable fabric sheets, covers, and bedding. However, you can't do the same from the bottom. But by using a slatted bed frame, you give enough space for airflow. The open space between the slates in slatted bed frames allows air to circulate around the mattress, which helps to keep it cool. They also provide support to the mattress, extending its life. They are easy to maintain and are usually cheaper than other types of frames. As a result, it is preferable to use a slatted bed frame for better ventilation and cool sleep.

Use a cooling pillow

The pillows you use, like your mattress and bedding, help to keep you cool during the night and can also contribute to the overall temperature of your sleep. It will not trap heat and will keep you cool while reducing perspiration if it is made of breathable and cool material.

Durfi Dr. Pillow

To ensure cool sleep, replace your pillows that run hot with the best pillows meant to sleep cool, such as those built with cooling gel or ventilated fabrics. Choose the Durfi Dual Comfort Dr. Pillow, a highly ventilated pillow with dual sides for dual comfort (Soft and Firm) and a High GSM fabric to encourage airflow and wick away moisture. 

Reduce the temperature of your sleeping environment

Make your room well-ventilated

Memory foam softens with body heat to provide personalized support and to adjust to your body shape and contours. And if the temperature inside your bedroom is high, your mattress will become even warmer. Keeping your space well-ventilated aids in temperature control and create a cooler resting environment and prevents your mattress from warming up. Some of the best ways to ventilate your room are- Keep the windows open in the early morning and evening and keep the windows close in the noon. Use a fan, air cooler and air conditioner to maintain a cool temperature. You can also put some plants inside your room and keep heat-emitting gadgets and appliances outside the bedroom.

Control the lighting

The lighting generates heat, and excessive electrical light in the room at night contributes to the rise in temperature. Low quality and intensity of lights are important in keeping your space cool. Choose low-intensity, low-energy-consuming lighting, such as LED. LEDs are excellent for lighting up a room without adding to the heat. It also saves energy and helps to reduce electricity use, saving you money on your electricity bill.

Bedroom Lighting And Temperature

Control the temperature

In this scorching temperature, your room and memory foam mattress can easily overheat. Even if the temperature at night is not the same as it is during the day, it might still be too hot to be comfortable. So, keep your air conditioner running, or use an air cooler or fans to keep the room temperature stable. Keep your windows closed and draped throughout the day to keep the heat out, and open them in the evening to allow for airflow.

Wear lightweight and breathable clothes

To combat the heat generated by your mattress, use permeable and natural fabric sleepwear. Natural textiles, such as cotton and linen, are breathable and moisture-wicking, which helps to keep your body temperature stable as you sleep.

The ultimate solution: Buy Durfi Memory foam or hybrid mattress

Although memory foam mattresses are widely available and inexpensive, finding one that is airy and cool to sleep on can be difficult. As many manufacturers continue to use older, less breathable versions. Durfi mattresses, on the other hand, are created with integrated air flow technology to increase airflow and permeability. So, if you're considering buying a new mattress but are concerned about it overheating and making you sleep hot, consider the Durfi memory foam mattress.

Durfi Memory Foam or Hybrid Mattress

Also, you can buy hybrid mattress which is made of foam layers and an innerspring coil system. Both combined not just provide a great deal of balanced comfort and support. You get the contouring comfort of memory foam along with a sturdy support system as well as more breathability and better ventilation.

Final Thoughts

Finding strategies to help your memory foam mattress sleep cooler might improve your overall sleep experience and comfort. While these mattresses are well-known for their superior support and pressure relief, they can sometimes retain warmth and create discomfort, particularly during the warmer months. You may, however, easily manage the temperature of your mattress and enjoy a cooler and more restful sleep by using the ideas and practises outlined.

Furthermore, practicing excellent sleep hygiene and keeping your bedroom cold by using blackout curtains, turning off lights, and restricting electronic gadgets will help you sleep better.

Remember that everyone's preferences and needs vary, so don't be afraid to try out several approaches until you find the one that works best for you. With a cooler bed, you'll wake up feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the day!

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