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How to Make Your Soft Mattress Hard And Vice Versa

If you are waking up with pains and aches, then there are chances that you either need a firmer or a softer mattress. Maybe you have bought the new mattress after examining several options in showrooms or after extensively online researching. In spite of all the efforts, if you are still not able to get a night of calm sleep, possibly firming or softening up the mattress will help you.

You do not have to spend a lot of money to adjust the firmness level of the mattress. Just adding a mattress topper can give you the comfort to unwind at the end of a tiring workday.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of a mattress topper for a peaceful sleep. But before that, let us see why the firmness level of the mattress is crucial to sleep.

Why Mattress Firmness Level is Vital for Sleep

Finding the best quality mattress is about getting the right firmness level suitable according to the body type and sleeping position. If the mattress is too soft, the shoulders and hips will sink too deep into the mattress, which can cause the sagging of the spine. This can result in back and neck pain. If the mattress is too hard, the shoulders will not sink into the mattress. This might lead to back pain, neck tension, or the spine curving upwards in the shoulder area. Thus, the right firmness level of a mattress is worth gold for healthy sleep.

Usually, side sleepers need a medium-soft surface to cushion their hips and shoulders. Back sleepers need a medium-firm mattress to keep the spine in a neutral position. Stomach sleepers require a firm mattress for extra support beneath the abdomen. People who are combination sleepers will feel good on a medium-firm surface as it supports the changing positions through the night.

Use a Mattress Topper to Modify the Firmness Level

A mattress topper is an option to change the firmness level of the mattress, according to your comfort. It is an additional layer of cushioning on the mattress that offers sustenance and comfort to the body while sleeping. A mattress topper is layers of foam filling.

Usually, the mattress toppers are two to four inches thick. They are placed on top of the mattress to modify its firmness level. A mattress topper is used to soften a firm mattress or to provide a firm texture to a soft mattress. But, a mattress topper cannot fix a sagging mattress. They are made of different materials, like latex, memory foam, down, or wool. The density and thickness of the material determine the firmness level of the mattress topper. So, before buying a mattress topper, it is important to check whether it is soft or firm. Durfi offers the best mattress topper for ultimate back and spine support.

Durfi Smart Mattress Topper

Durfi provides two types of mattress toppers, Soft Mattress Topper and Firm Mattress Topper. If you want to increase the firmness level of your mattress, then you should buy the Firm Mattress Topper. And, if you want to make your mattress a bit softer, then you should go for the Soft Mattress Topper. So, make your firm mattress soft and soft mattress firm with Durfi's revolutionary Smart Mattress Toppers.

Durfi’s mattress toppers have an antibacterial layer to prevent the growth of bacteria and allergens. They are designed to provide great back and spine support for an ultimate night's sleep. Durfi Smart Mattress Topper is a viable and affordable solution for relieving the body pain and for enhancing the overall sleep experience.

So, try Durfi Smart Mattress Toppers!!!

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