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Should You Go for Thick Pillow or Thin Pillow?

A good mattress is important for a good night’s sleep. In addition to a mattress, a pillow is also a vital part of getting a peaceful sleep at night. Not only sleep, little do people realize that the humble pillow can play a meaningful role in making your lifestyle healthy.

Usually, when people choose a pillow, they focus on the size, Firmness, and material, but totally ignore the thickness of it. The filling of the pillow you’re buying may be excellent, the size may be perfect, the materials used may be premium and the fabric may be smooth to touch; however, the thickness may not be correct. As a result, you could be waking up with pain in your neck or back.

So which pillow will be correct for you? A thick pillow or a thin one? Let’s try to find an answer.

Benefits of a Thin Pillow

It supports your neck

When you sleep at night, you may not realize but your neck can get pushed to strange angles. A thin pillow can support your neck by keeping it at a natural angle, thus helping you to rest better.

It aligns your spine

In addition to your neck, a thin pillow can support your spine also. Sometimes, when the thickness of the pillow is not right, your spine may get misaligned. A thin pillow will keep it aligned in the right way.

It holds your head still

A thin pillow can help in keeping your head still while you sleep. When it is built with a good quality filling, it will prevent your head from rolling from side to side.

It may prevent facial wrinkles

Unbelievable as it may seem, sleeping with a thin pillow may help you prevent unsightly facial wrinkles. Thin pillows don’t squish your face. Thus, allowing your skin to breathe and stay healthy.

It recharges you during sleep

When a thin pillow provides adequate neck support and keeps your spine rightly aligned, you will get recharged during your sleep and wake up fresh every morning.

A thin pillow can aid your health

A thin pillow can be a good companion for your health especially when you are a stomach sleeper or you sleep on your back. If you’re a stomach sleeper, a thin pillow will help you rest better by maintaining your neck at a natural angle. If you love to sleep on your back, then the thin pillow will evenly fill the gap between you and your mattress, thereby, keeping your back aligned.

Benefits of a Thick Pillow

It straightens the spine when lying on the side

When you are lying on your side, a thick pillow will keep your spine straight, in a natural horizontal line and double S shape.

It reduces back pain

Sometimes while sleeping on the side, the lack of support between the legs rotates the upper leg downwards, thus, causing backache. Placing a thick pillow between the knees can prevent or reduce this pain in your back.

It keeps your head in place

If you don’t have one fixed sleeping position, you will often twist and turn and your head may not stay in one place. If your head keeps rolling all through the night, some chances are that you’ll wake up with a strained neck. A thick pillow will keep your head from moving multiple times when you’re asleep, preventing the straining of your neck at the same time.

It prevents twisting of the spine

When you sleep on the side of your shoulder, a low loft pillow may not give you good support, thereby twisting your spine and worsening it in the long run. A firm and thick pillow will prevent your spine from twisting by aiding it with support.

A thick pillow can be a blessing

A thick pillow can bless you with its advantages especially when you are a side sleeper. A thick pillow has a relatively taller height than the thin one. So, it will easily adjust with your shoulder and match the height of your spine. Also, if you like to curl up and sleep in a fetal position, the thick pillow will be more comfortable for you.

Your sleeping position largely determines the thickness of the pillow

Be it a thin pillow or a thick pillow, we know that each has its advantages. Choosing one of these may be a matter of personal preference but more than that, how you position yourself on your bed largely determines the right kind of pillow that will benefit you.

The loft of the pillow should provide comfort and support to the position of your body when you sleep. The height of the pillow should be right. If the pillow is too thin or thick, you may harm the health of your body. Wouldn’t it have been true joy if there was one pillow with the right height that you could trust?

Read assured, you are going to find the solution now.

You will be thrilled with our solution

A dual comfort pillow is an ideal solution for you. Built with the right medium height, Durfi Dual Comfort Dr. Pillow stays with you through thick and thin. Made for all types of sleepers, this dual comfort pillow aids your health as well.

Along with the perfect height, Durfi dual comfort pillow comes with many other exciting benefits as well. As it is soft on one side and firm on the other, you can choose the kind of comfort you want with just a simple flip. It is made with an ultra-sensitive breathable and anti-bacterial fabric which is more efficient than cotton. The Durfi dual comfort pillow smartly responds to changes in pressure and temperatures too.

Now if you’re confused between choosing a thick pillow or thin, better to buy the right pillow, just like Durfi Dr. Pillow!!

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