Tips for Choosing the Best Mattress for Senior Citizens

October 20, 2022

A good bed is necessary for good sleep and back and joint pain relief, especially in old age. As, sleeping on an unsuitable bed can cause pain and pressure points in the back, neck, and shoulders, as well as disrupt sleep. Furthermore, as people age, they sleep less and less, and when they do sleep, it is only for a short period or interrupted. Also, older people are more likely to suffer from insomnia or other sleep-related issues. However, the right mattress and bed can help them sleep well and easily, as well as lessen back and joint pain and provide needed rest. As a result, it is important to Buy Best Mattress For Senior Citizens in order for them to sleep comfortably.

But many people, struggle to find the right mattress for senior citizens and frequently purchase one that does not suit them at all. We've had many customers over the years who were looking for mattresses for their parents or grandparents, as well as senior citizens looking for a mattress for themselves. Though, nearly half of them have difficulty finding the right one. If you are also having difficulty buying a mattress for a senior citizen, we have listed some important factors to consider-

1. Comfortable And Supportive

Sleep issues are common in the elderly; they have difficulty finding a comfortable Sleeping Position or sleeping in one position for an extended period of time. And sleeping on a mattress that does not provide adequate comfort or support can affect both sleep and body and back pain. A mattress that is too soft will not provide enough support, causing the user to sink into the bed and bend their spine in an awkward and painful position. If the mattress is too hard/firm, it will be uncomfortable and possibly painful. To avoid this, choose a mattress with a good balance of comfort and support. Otherwise, the user will have difficulty sleeping and will toss and turn all night. Choose a mattress that is between medium-firm and firm for the best results.

2. Pain Relieving Qualities

Many elderly people have aches and pains as a result of ageing, weak bones, arthritis, injury, wear and tear, and a lack of physical activity. Furthermore, sleeping on a hard or extra-soft bed will worsen rather than lessen their pain. As a result, it is critical that sleep on a mattress that conforms to their bodies, provides adequate support, relieves pain, and prevents the formation of pressure points while allowing them to move freely.

Pain Relieving  Mattress

There are many different types of mattresses on the market today, and an Orthopedic Mattress may be the best option for older people. It provides adequate support and firmness, as well as relief from back, neck, and shoulder pain and proper spine support.

3. The Correct Height for Easy Access

When shopping for a mattress for anyone, young or old, one of the most important factors to consider is the height of the mattress. This is especially important when it comes to choosing the right mattress for seniors. Older people generally suffer from joint pain and other issues that make it difficult for them to carry out daily tasks.

Mattress Height

Even simple tasks such as getting out of bed can be difficult at times. Furthermore, if their bed is too high or too low for them, they are more likely to fall out or be injured. As a result, finding a mattress and bed that are at an appropriate height for easy access is very important. The height of the bed (including the mattress) should be proportionate to the height of the individual. So older people can easily get in or out of bed.

4. Breathable & Temperature Regulation

A mattress is composed of several foam layers as well as an innerspring system. Multiple foam layers combined can reduce air circulation and make a mattress less breathable, as well as absorb and trap heat within the mattress, making it hot to sleep on. A less breathable and hot mattress can cause excessive sweating and make sleeping uncomfortable.It can be especially bothersome for those who sleep hot or have breathing problems. Particularly in hotter climates and for older people. When shopping for a mattress, make sure it is made of breathable material and is well-ventilated to provide an elderly person with a restful and comfortable night's sleep.

Breathable And Temperature

5. Hypoallergenic Qualities for Safe & Hygienic Sleep

Older people are more prone to becoming ill, so proper precautions must be taken to keep them healthy and fit. One such precaution is to buy a hypoallergenic mattress that does not allow germs, pests, or dust mites to thrive or develop in the mattress. This may help to prevent allergic reactions while also keeping the mattress clean and safe to sleep on.

6. Anti- Skid Quality

Anti Skid Mattress

The Mattress movement is a common issue that many people overlook. The mattress frequently moves or skids on the bed base when getting on or off the bed. This may seem like a minor issue to most people, but it can be much more serious for the elderly. If the mattress suddenly moves, older people can easily lose their balance. As a result, it is critical to look for a mattress that does not skid on the bed and remains firmly in place.

7. Look for Proper Edge Support

Older people frequently sit or lie on the bed's edge so they can easily get out. However, some mattresses can make sleeping on the edge difficult because they lack edge support. When you sit on such mattresses, they sink under your weight and can cause you to fall out of bed, which is especially dangerous for the elderly.

Mattress Edge Support

To avoid this, choose a mattress that provides edge support as well as support in the middle and throughout the bed. This feature is especially beneficial for seniors because it allows them to comfortably sit or lie on the bed's edge without fear of falling off. It can also assist them in getting into and out of bed.

Final Words

Sleep is important for senior citizens since it affects their energy levels and overall health, so finding the right mattress is very important. The best mattress for senior citizens should provide comfort, support and relief from aches and pains. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the most expensive mattress.

Durfi offers a variety of mattress options that are both affordable and provide all of the benefits. Durfi Mattresses are also made with Certipur and CertiGuard technology to ensure safe and hygienic sleep for everyone. Also, if you need help, you can contact our Sleep Experts for a mattress recommendation.

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